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Postcrossing Logfile: Received Postcards

I Send, Therefore I Receive.

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Received postcards

  1. Flag: US Postcard US-149614 from thiago2007 to insel traveled 6000 km.
  2. Flag: FI Postcard FI-248297 from Guide to insel traveled 2028 km.
  3. Flag: FI Postcard FI-248863 from agsime to insel traveled 1747 km.
  4. Flag: AU Postcard AU-16559 from tristia to insel traveled 16596 km.
  5. Flag: IT Postcard IT-12132 from effemmedia to insel traveled 771 km.
  6. Flag: FR Postcard FR-21206 from Aurore81 to insel traveled 491 km.
  7. Flag: CH Postcard CH-9891 from Grigeli to insel traveled 71 km.
  8. Flag: FI Postcard FI-251854 from kainuu to insel traveled 2171 km.
  9. Flag: IL Postcard IL-2435 from Tangorn to insel traveled 2834 km.
  10. Flag: FI Postcard FI-253078 from Alyssa to insel traveled 1885 km.
  11. Flag: JP Postcard JP-25443 from naok to insel traveled 9503 km.
  12. Flag: US Postcard US-153609 from Andthelog to insel traveled 7215 km.
  13. Flag: JP Postcard JP-26236 from panofsky to insel traveled 9554 km.
  14. Flag: IT Postcard IT-12868 from Isabella87 to insel traveled 420 km.
  15. Flag: CA Postcard CA-22861 from karengd to insel traveled 8245 km.
  16. Flag: CN Postcard CN-10325 from lalentur to insel traveled 9235 km.
  17. Flag: NL Postcard NL-67859 from Bouncy to insel traveled 398 km.
  18. Flag: CH Postcard CH-10568 from zisi to insel traveled 47 km.
  19. Flag: NL Postcard NL-68730 from Gert to insel traveled 506 km.
  20. Flag: CZ Postcard CZ-8647 from kukuska to insel traveled 426 km.
  21. Flag: BR Postcard BR-28881 from Fuhrmann to insel traveled 9358 km.
  22. Flag: CA Postcard CA-23832 from AlexisL to insel traveled 6583 km.
  23. Flag: US Postcard US-159167 from hikesalot to insel traveled 5892 km.
  24. Flag: US Postcard US-158321 from bree23ca to insel traveled 6996 km.
  25. Flag: US Postcard US-161062 from jhcckkm to insel traveled 7853 km.
  26. Flag: FI Postcard FI-265189 from meryli to insel traveled 1946 km.
  27. Flag: AU Postcard AU-17840 from Mistlerose to insel traveled 16372 km.
  28. Flag: US Postcard US-163544 from unpaidintern to insel traveled 6548 km.
  29. Flag: US Postcard US-164656 from nat_brook to insel traveled 8091 km.
  30. Flag: NO Postcard NO-8713 from StavangerCats to insel traveled 1230 km.
  31. Flag: AU Postcard AU-17886 from cdbass1957 to insel traveled 15722 km.
  32. Flag: IT Postcard IT-14219 from Kameron to insel traveled 948 km.
  33. Flag: US Postcard US-168610 from tornado73190 to insel traveled 6154 km.
  34. Flag: BE Postcard BE-14272 from verochu to insel traveled 409 km.
  35. Flag: US Postcard US-167501 from JEM to insel traveled 7469 km.
  36. Flag: US Postcard US-168535 from rivercityrandom to insel traveled 8054 km.
  37. Flag: NL Postcard NL-72110 from Female to intyale traveled 461 km.
  38. Flag: US Postcard US-169166 from Handmaiden to insel traveled 7395 km.
  39. Flag: NL Postcard NL-72264 from kuko to intyale traveled 542 km.
  40. Flag: US Postcard US-169991 from skitchen to insel traveled 6312 km.
  41. Flag: FI Postcard FI-274764 from Layne to intyale traveled 1914 km.
  42. Flag: SE Postcard SE-4988 from Perisoreus to insel traveled 2136 km.
  43. Flag: ES Postcard ES-19792 from puchita to insel traveled 1498 km.
  44. Flag: EE Postcard EE-21469 from namaril to insel traveled 1698 km.
  45. Flag: FI Postcard FI-278535 from AuliHelena to insel traveled 2064 km.
  46. Flag: NL Postcard NL-73301 from cnhs1 to intyale traveled 581 km.
  47. Flag: RU Postcard RU-16396 from mosenka to insel traveled 1967 km.
  48. Flag: GB Postcard GB-34309 from missmillward to intyale traveled 846 km.
  49. Flag: FI Postcard FI-279887 from tiuhtiviuhti to intyale traveled 1793 km.
  50. Flag: FI Postcard FI-280164 from arjahelena to intyale traveled 1892 km.
  51. Flag: CA Postcard CA-25974 from kails to insel traveled 6418 km.
  52. Flag: US Postcard US-170438 from lilheifer68 to intyale traveled 7415 km.
  53. Flag: US Postcard US-172318 from Alaskansonya to intyale traveled 7687 km.
  54. Flag: PT Postcard PT-46573 from Vitoria1 to intyale traveled 1722 km.
  55. Flag: DE Postcard DE-150605 from Himmelblau to intyale traveled 244 km.
  56. Flag: US Postcard US-174736 from piggycincinnati to insel traveled 7067 km.
  57. Flag: DE Postcard DE-153601 from xaxas to intyale traveled 545 km.
  58. Flag: JP Postcard JP-30386 from satomini to insel traveled 9559 km.
  59. Flag: SK Postcard SK-3168 from dakota14 to insel traveled 774 km.
  60. Flag: US Postcard US-175021 from Becky_Blue to insel traveled 6829 km.
  61. Flag: US Postcard US-175965 from swan to intyale traveled 9442 km.
  62. Flag: CZ Postcard CZ-10249 from kaCZka to insel traveled 429 km.
  63. Flag: FI Postcard FI-283070 from Merkku to intyale traveled 1694 km.
  64. Flag: FI Postcard FI-283196 from lni1964 to insel traveled 1799 km.
  65. Flag: FI Postcard FI-283550 from luotopa to intyale traveled 1719 km.
  66. Flag: BE Postcard BE-15140 from Resa to insel traveled 402 km.
  67. Flag: US Postcard US-177065 from pinkin to insel traveled 7214 km.
  68. Flag: AU Postcard AU-19636 from Sash to intyale traveled 16550 km.
  69. Flag: FI Postcard FI-284739 from tuisku12 to insel traveled 1872 km.
  70. Flag: AU Postcard AU-19352 from breko to insel traveled 16181 km.
  71. Flag: BR Postcard BR-32776 from andreaeiko to insel traveled 9482 km.
  72. Flag: FR Postcard FR-25256 from Cypris to intyale traveled 370 km.
  73. Flag: KH Postcard KH-66 from Ilona4711 to insel traveled 9577 km.
  74. Flag: ES Postcard ES-21098 from Maritekia to intyale traveled 1177 km.
  75. Flag: FI Postcard FI-288593 from Madrugada to insel traveled 1747 km.
  76. Flag: TW Postcard TW-11331 from lan0925958484 to intyale traveled 9553 km.
  77. Flag: PT Postcard PT-48000 from susana_catarino to intyale traveled 1469 km.
  78. Flag: US Postcard US-179343 from kurls to intyale traveled 9181 km.
  79. Flag: JP Postcard JP-32151 from azuazu to insel traveled 9499 km.
  80. Flag: CA Postcard CA-28120 from PingaPingviini to intyale traveled 4415 km.
  81. Flag: FI Postcard FI-293970 from bluebell to intyale traveled 2111 km.
  82. Flag: CA Postcard CA-28277 from ryan_becky to intyale traveled 7471 km.
  83. Flag: FI Postcard FI-296407 from jfdeer to insel traveled 1669 km.
  84. Flag: NL Postcard NL-77419 from 33ndje to insel traveled 456 km.
  85. Flag: GB Postcard GB-34206 from margay to insel traveled 719 km.
  86. Flag: US Postcard US-187765 from rafiki to insel traveled 5962 km.
  87. Flag: DE Postcard DE-165143 from Alexa1981 to intyale traveled 142 km.
  88. Flag: DE Postcard DE-166177 from razerone to intyale traveled 639 km.
  89. Flag: KR Postcard KR-1467 from viojoy to insel traveled 8780 km.
  90. Flag: BE Postcard BE-16146 from Rox to intyale traveled 436 km.
  91. Flag: DE Postcard DE-167909 from greizdeifi to intyale traveled 101 km.
  92. Flag: FI Postcard FI-292881 from Zazza to intyale traveled 1694 km.
  93. Flag: FI Postcard FI-299247 from nameless to intyale traveled 1667 km.
  94. Flag: FR Postcard FR-26709 from lafleur to intyale traveled 418 km.
  95. Flag: RU Postcard RU-18854 from kasumba to intyale traveled 1967 km.
  96. Flag: TW Postcard TW-12421 from kadysung to insel traveled 9663 km.
  97. Flag: US Postcard US-193153 from dksingh to insel traveled 8321 km.
  98. Flag: US Postcard US-192913 from purple_rose75 to insel traveled 6197 km.
  99. Flag: PT Postcard PT-49465 from litos to insel traveled 1773 km.
  100. Flag: DE Postcard DE-170998 from olgamaus to intyale traveled 358 km.
  101. Flag: US Postcard US-195470 from mkyrulz to intyale traveled 9181 km.
  102. Flag: RU Postcard RU-19340 from Lapka1 to insel traveled 3350 km.
  103. Flag: BE Postcard BE-16704 from icybren to insel traveled 436 km.
  104. Flag: NL Postcard NL-82888 from Female to insel traveled 461 km.
  105. Flag: US Postcard US-198509 from pomegranate to insel traveled 6261 km.
  106. Flag: FI Postcard FI-310584 from Ulriikka to intyale traveled 1739 km.
  107. Flag: NO Postcard NO-11062 from Brann to insel traveled 1230 km.
  108. Flag: UA Postcard UA-2730 from Karunas to insel traveled 1666 km.
  109. Flag: US Postcard US-198418 from Patrickjax to insel traveled 7536 km.
  110. Flag: FI Postcard FI-310703 from kettunen to intyale traveled 1747 km.
  111. Flag: GB Postcard GB-40467 from Farferello to insel traveled 641 km.
  112. Flag: HK Postcard HK-731 from melanieng to intyale traveled 9335 km.
  113. Flag: SE Postcard SE-5700 from Aquila83 to insel traveled 1346 km.
  114. Flag: NL Postcard NL-86273 from jet to insel traveled 519 km.
  115. Flag: BE Postcard BE-17780 from Zil to intyale traveled 409 km.
  116. Flag: CH Postcard CH-15096 from vali to intyale traveled 115 km.
  117. Flag: CZ Postcard CZ-12679 from beruska to insel traveled 696 km.
  118. Flag: DE Postcard DE-184826 from to intyale traveled 233 km.
  119. Flag: FI Postcard FI-322611 from Karotan to insel traveled 2306 km.
  120. Flag: NL Postcard NL-87054 from nltommy to insel traveled 536 km.
  121. Flag: DK Postcard DK-4194 from npds02 to intyale traveled 1033 km.
  122. Flag: GB Postcard GB-41800 from kreb to insel traveled 667 km.
  123. Flag: BR Postcard BR-38181 from melikemambo to insel traveled 9603 km.
  124. Flag: IS Postcard IS-4793 from poko to insel traveled 2539 km.
  125. Flag: US Postcard US-214688 from m1964c to insel traveled 6985 km.
  126. Flag: ES Postcard ES-24912 from nuska to insel traveled 1405 km.
  127. Flag: NL Postcard NL-89602 from fuvobo to insel traveled 493 km.
  128. Flag: FI Postcard FI-331098 from Knight60 to insel traveled 1846 km.
  129. Flag: JP Postcard JP-38030 from evitayueh to intyale traveled 9577 km.
  130. Flag: PT Postcard PT-52697 from Digas to insel traveled 1720 km.
  131. Flag: ES Postcard ES-25090 from buvilla to insel traveled 1712 km.
  132. Flag: FI Postcard FI-320559 from saraelisa to insel traveled 1943 km.
  133. Flag: GB Postcard GB-41940 from okadascat to insel traveled 976 km.
  134. Flag: IT Postcard IT-21081 from millero to intyale traveled 771 km.
  135. Flag: CH Postcard CH-15773 from auslander to insel traveled 103 km.
  136. Flag: US Postcard US-196666 from gemielicious to intyale traveled 9192 km.
  137. Flag: US Postcard US-222339 from choke to intyale traveled 6760 km.
  138. Flag: CA Postcard CA-34123 from cosmicgirl34 to insel traveled 6436 km.
  139. Flag: CR Postcard CR-352 from stgabriel to insel traveled 9332 km.
  140. Flag: TW Postcard TW-15208 from ayaforeverlove to insel traveled 9589 km.
  141. Flag: CN Postcard CN-20079 from hopehaswings to intyale traveled 7994 km.
  142. Flag: JP Postcard JP-38862 from masako-2 to intyale traveled 9499 km.
  143. Flag: MY Postcard MY-9725 from murnisaleh to intyale traveled 9691 km.
  144. Flag: US Postcard US-225122 from RPV2Sail to insel traveled 9490 km.
  145. Flag: DK Postcard DK-4333 from ThePinkBear to insel traveled 915 km.
  146. Flag: FI Postcard FI-337527 from katimerita to insel traveled 1760 km.
  147. Flag: GB Postcard GB-43797 from Octavia to intyale traveled 1289 km.
  148. Flag: CH Postcard CH-16273 from danie54 to insel traveled 188 km.
  149. Flag: FR Postcard FR-31270 from wrona to insel traveled 445 km.
  150. Flag: FI Postcard FI-343434 from panda012 to insel traveled 2168 km.
  151. Flag: FI Postcard FI-342860 from PaiviOrvokki to insel traveled 1955 km.
  152. Flag: CN Postcard CN-21100 from Ligda to insel traveled 9034 km.
  153. Flag: HU Postcard HU-11890 from Heni to insel traveled 842 km.
  154. Flag: HU Postcard HU-12045 from cljda to insel traveled 903 km.
  155. Flag: FI Postcard FI-345526 from tijaa to insel traveled 1702 km.
  156. Flag: SI Postcard SI-6829 from Kristina-Kiki to intyale traveled 588 km.
  157. Flag: GB Postcard GB-45085 from max_frei to intyale traveled 1178 km.
  158. Flag: NL Postcard NL-96945 from HerbertPeters to insel traveled 509 km.
  159. Flag: US Postcard US-236565 from Cinnamon1 to intyale traveled 8731 km.
  160. Flag: FI Postcard FI-333752 from salla- to insel traveled 1760 km.
  161. Flag: NL Postcard NL-97620 from Martinev3 to insel traveled 496 km.
  162. Flag: CA Postcard CA-36322 from Jedi_Trance to intyale traveled 8334 km.
  163. Flag: FI Postcard FI-351812 from retzku to insel traveled 1943 km.
  164. Flag: SG Postcard SG-10370 from mellytofu to intyale traveled 10346 km.
  165. Flag: IN Postcard IN-4332 from Shinojcm to insel traveled 7561 km.
  166. Flag: FI Postcard FI-364632 from lammiska to insel traveled 1811 km.
  167. Flag: FI Postcard FI-363482 from annekaarina to insel traveled 1739 km.
  168. Flag: FI Postcard FI-364908 from Pirjo6 to intyale traveled 1667 km.
  169. Flag: BR Postcard BR-35395 from cataflau to insel traveled 7294 km.
  170. Flag: FI Postcard FI-370287 from jaka68 to insel traveled 1747 km.
  171. Flag: JP Postcard JP-41676 from hanano24 to intyale traveled 9490 km.
  172. Flag: LT Postcard LT-12829 from Mondukas to insel traveled 1419 km.
  173. Flag: FI Postcard FI-369965 from sallas to intyale traveled 1870 km.
  174. Flag: NL Postcard NL-104610 from Marjari to intyale traveled 528 km.
  175. Flag: FI Postcard FI-376786 from Tiadra to insel traveled 1747 km.
  176. Flag: CA Postcard CA-35601 from cinnamongirl101 to insel traveled 7293 km.
  177. Flag: GB Postcard GB-49434 from U-U to intyale traveled 743 km.
  178. Flag: PH Postcard PH-4803 from miansc to intyale traveled 10442 km.
  179. Flag: FI Postcard FI-379014 from Lintu to intyale traveled 1667 km.
  180. Flag: PT Postcard PT-60023 from blacktorp to intyale traveled 1483 km.
  181. Flag: AT Postcard AT-22916 from monalein to intyale traveled 150 km.
  182. Flag: SG Postcard SG-11797 from chocosan to insel traveled 10346 km.
  183. Flag: FI Postcard FI-371191 from Kedonkeiju to insel traveled 2064 km.
  184. Flag: DE Postcard DE-225892 from Bookie to intyale traveled 552 km.
  185. Flag: AU Postcard AU-28775 from Interpol to insel traveled 16582 km.
  186. Flag: DE Postcard DE-227725 from Stefania to intyale traveled 639 km.
  187. Flag: DK Postcard DK-4998 from aeelmn to insel traveled 901 km.
  188. Flag: FI Postcard FI-391338 from Llyra to insel traveled 1962 km.
  189. Flag: DE Postcard DE-229121 from sunny76 to intyale traveled 392 km.
  190. Flag: DE Postcard DE-229793 from sternchen730 to intyale traveled 392 km.
  191. Flag: FI Postcard FI-392052 from Temppa to insel traveled 1739 km.
  192. Flag: IT Postcard IT-26929 from Keyras05 to insel traveled 445 km.
  193. Flag: BY Postcard BY-6577 from Ollychen to insel traveled 1525 km.
  194. Flag: CA Postcard CA-41809 from acarnall to insel traveled 5444 km.
  195. Flag: DE Postcard DE-228767 from erniwil to intyale traveled 278 km.
  196. Flag: FI Postcard FI-395878 from mummeli to intyale traveled 1955 km.
  197. Flag: FR Postcard FR-36687 from lcalessi to intyale traveled 576 km.
  198. Flag: BR Postcard BR-46846 from kamastria to intyale traveled 9603 km.
  199. Flag: US Postcard US-272475 from waitingline to intyale traveled 8185 km.
  200. Flag: FI Postcard FI-398267 from narsissi to insel traveled 1742 km.
  201. Flag: AU Postcard AU-26189 from Blenhemshots to insel traveled 16595 km.
  202. Flag: FI Postcard FI-404391 from stjerca to intyale traveled 1742 km.
  203. Flag: FR Postcard FR-37419 from ludovic889 to intyale traveled 704 km.
  204. Flag: HU Postcard HU-14138 from szeri to insel traveled 842 km.
  205. Flag: IT Postcard IT-28312 from rita_b to intyale traveled 771 km.
  206. Flag: NL Postcard NL-112602 from tictac to intyale traveled 531 km.
  207. Flag: NZ Postcard NZ-22458 from harrinz to intyale traveled 18720 km.
  208. Flag: BY Postcard BY-6991 from kharitonse to intyale traveled 1219 km.
  209. Flag: TR Postcard TR-11731 from serseri3535 to insel traveled 1885 km.
  210. Flag: US Postcard US-284624 from SkipE to intyale traveled 5971 km.
  211. Flag: FI Postcard FI-412119 from Sonkku to intyale traveled 1800 km.
  212. Flag: CN Postcard CN-30984 from third to insel traveled 9027 km.
  213. Flag: FI Postcard FI-412430 from iituska78 to intyale traveled 2171 km.
  214. Flag: FI Postcard FI-414802 from KatariinaP to intyale traveled 1943 km.
  215. Flag: NL Postcard NL-117253 from Niekje to intyale traveled 505 km.
  216. Flag: DE Postcard DE-247729 from loewenzahn to intyale traveled 392 km.
  217. Flag: NL Postcard NL-119827 from Nicole28 to intyale traveled 430 km.
  218. Flag: DE Postcard DE-250218 from hoteljohnny to intyale traveled 497 km.
  219. Flag: FI Postcard FI-425704 from Jomppa to intyale traveled 1723 km.
  220. Flag: FI Postcard FI-428129 from Agathafan to intyale traveled 1955 km.
  221. Flag: FI Postcard FI-428452 from Jennla to insel traveled 1943 km.
  222. Flag: FI Postcard FI-428668 from tipsu to intyale traveled 1667 km.
  223. Flag: FI Postcard FI-428945 from maruzella to intyale traveled 1747 km.
  224. Flag: ES Postcard ES-32914 from CLARA1995 to intyale traveled 1344 km.
  225. Flag: MY Postcard MY-13216 from ciku to intyale traveled 10187 km.
  226. Flag: NL Postcard NL-122308 from maryde to intyale traveled 512 km.
  227. Flag: NL Postcard NL-122787 from SamenLizzy to insel traveled 577 km.
  228. Flag: US Postcard US-302645 from SormaNo3 to insel traveled 7480 km.
  229. Flag: DE Postcard DE-254799 from CarmenCipolla to intyale traveled 351 km.
  230. Flag: FI Postcard FI-429328 from Tupuliina to intyale traveled 1793 km.
  231. Flag: UA Postcard UA-4733 from gnum to insel traveled 2077 km.
  232. Flag: LT Postcard LT-20731 from laura_l to insel traveled 1350 km.
  233. Flag: DE Postcard DE-256068 from handarbeitstante to intyale traveled 616 km.
  234. Flag: US Postcard US-302134 from vic236 to intyale traveled 7321 km.
  235. Flag: AU Postcard AU-32241 from fani-z to insel traveled 16372 km.
  236. Flag: CN Postcard CN-39088 from Gherkin to insel traveled 9027 km.
  237. Flag: DE Postcard DE-257224 from sandi1272 to intyale traveled 397 km.
  238. Flag: NL Postcard NL-122941 from faye76 to insel traveled 493 km.
  239. Flag: BE Postcard BE-25372 from nina1991 to insel traveled 394 km.
  240. Flag: FI Postcard FI-433411 from helkky to intyale traveled 1811 km.
  241. Flag: BY Postcard BY-8730 from Natashka to insel traveled 1660 km.
  242. Flag: CA Postcard CA-47069 from wildviolet to insel traveled 5312 km.
  243. Flag: FI Postcard FI-432700 from kristan to insel traveled 1777 km.
  244. Flag: FI Postcard FI-432871 from petus to intyale traveled 1781 km.
  245. Flag: FI Postcard FI-438194 from ddd to intyale traveled 1839 km.
  246. Flag: GB Postcard GB-57441 from kikistarzz to intyale traveled 660 km.
  247. Flag: LT Postcard LT-21535 from nesakysiu to insel traveled 1325 km.
  248. Flag: PL Postcard PL-16244 from anyone to intyale traveled 863 km.
  249. Flag: SG Postcard SG-13381 from wbkam24 to insel traveled 10346 km.
  250. Flag: AU Postcard AU-31642 from rachel to intyale traveled 15722 km.
  251. Flag: FI Postcard FI-440176 from EmiliaN to insel traveled 1804 km.
  252. Flag: JP Postcard JP-52458 from lovepostcard to insel traveled 8989 km.
  253. Flag: CN Postcard CN-42593 from jasonzhang135 to insel traveled 7969 km.
  254. Flag: LT Postcard LT-22478 from Jurgitukas to insel traveled 1350 km.
  255. Flag: US Postcard US-311467 from ryandbush to intyale traveled 8241 km.
  256. Flag: BG Postcard BG-2637 from miss_maggie to intyale traveled 1571 km.
  257. Flag: US Postcard US-315076 from WolfsHeart to insel traveled 9450 km.
  258. Flag: CA Postcard CA-47402 from SYDNEYM to insel traveled 6474 km.
  259. Flag: CN Postcard CN-42283 from kelly13lq to intyale traveled 9219 km.
  260. Flag: DE Postcard DE-261359 from roter_besen to intyale traveled 404 km.
  261. Flag: ES Postcard ES-35198 from josera to insel traveled 1492 km.
  262. Flag: FI Postcard FI-445085 from Otus to insel traveled 1747 km.
  263. Flag: US Postcard US-312233 from teknicolor to insel traveled 7656 km.
  264. Flag: US Postcard US-316896 from battymom2 to intyale traveled 6927 km.
  265. Flag: FI Postcard FI-444206 from Sannuliini to insel traveled 2168 km.
  266. Flag: FI Postcard FI-446743 from Ipu to insel traveled 1818 km.
  267. Flag: TW Postcard TW-28026 from issa995 to insel traveled 9566 km.
  268. Flag: US Postcard US-313545 from eeyoresgirl to insel traveled 9140 km.
  269. Flag: FI Postcard FI-451072 from Akhenaten to insel traveled 1962 km.
  270. Flag: JP Postcard JP-54473 from loup to intyale traveled 9447 km.
  271. Flag: NO Postcard NO-18519 from LexidhPost to intyale traveled 1452 km.
  272. Flag: AT Postcard AT-27314 from Morgengrauen to insel traveled 278 km.
  273. Flag: BY Postcard BY-9929 from Ejik to intyale traveled 1525 km.
  274. Flag: DE Postcard DE-272939 from ilseluise to intyale traveled 528 km.
  275. Flag: FI Postcard FI-455641 from huisku to intyale traveled 1946 km.
  276. Flag: LT Postcard LT-23899 from paausys to intyale traveled 1377 km.
  277. Flag: NL Postcard NL-130841 from Ansje to intyale traveled 521 km.
  278. Flag: SG Postcard SG-13931 from shushu911 to insel traveled 10346 km.
  279. Flag: ZA Postcard ZA-4822 from sherrie to intyale traveled 8736 km.
  280. Flag: BY Postcard BY-9840 from BBSir to insel traveled 1219 km.
  281. Flag: NL Postcard NL-131656 from trix27 to insel traveled 488 km.
  282. Flag: US Postcard US-323022 from mspocket to insel traveled 9473 km.
  283. Flag: DE Postcard DE-275160 from kleiner_huepfer to intyale traveled 133 km.
  284. Flag: US Postcard US-329851 from BookwormHeather to intyale traveled 8516 km.
  285. Flag: CZ Postcard CZ-20939 from Imzadi to insel traveled 533 km.
  286. Flag: FI Postcard FI-459299 from VirpiTS to insel traveled 1955 km.
  287. Flag: FI Postcard FI-459467 from Tiitu to insel traveled 2359 km.
  288. Flag: LV Postcard LV-3545 from zz89 to intyale traveled 1302 km.
  289. Flag: TW Postcard TW-29754 from starmoon to insel traveled 9554 km.
  290. Flag: DE Postcard DE-276803 from Lindwurm59 to intyale traveled 493 km.
  291. Flag: FI Postcard FI-434361 from sann_ to insel traveled 1851 km.
  292. Flag: LT Postcard LT-25374 from SilverSun to insel traveled 1350 km.
  293. Flag: US Postcard US-327456 from Melandry to insel traveled 7020 km.
  294. Flag: DE Postcard DE-278805 from blacksheep to intyale traveled 229 km.
  295. Flag: FI Postcard FI-459292 from chillaa to insel traveled 1955 km.
  296. Flag: FI Postcard FI-467673 from dew_rey to intyale traveled 1818 km.
  297. Flag: FI Postcard FI-469691 from piipi13 to insel traveled 1946 km.
  298. Flag: FI Postcard FI-469710 from sipu to insel traveled 2058 km.
  299. Flag: NL Postcard NL-135101 from StrawberryBlossom to insel traveled 491 km.
  300. Flag: NL Postcard NL-135518 from Bookoholic to insel traveled 598 km.
  301. Flag: RU Postcard RU-32352 from politruk1973 to insel traveled 2403 km.
  302. Flag: SI Postcard SI-9912 from setpika to insel traveled 496 km.
  303. Flag: SK Postcard SK-5631 from Ivann to insel traveled 691 km.
  304. Flag: US Postcard US-339101 from scribe to insel traveled 6932 km.
  305. Flag: US Postcard US-339458 from RNurse94 to insel traveled 6439 km.
  306. Flag: FI Postcard FI-464576 from AnnaR to intyale traveled 1946 km.
  307. Flag: KR Postcard KR-2367 from Geunbum to insel traveled 8768 km.
  308. Flag: MX Postcard MX-2972 from aleramponi to insel traveled 9618 km.
  309. Flag: DE Postcard DE-275041 from serdle to intyale traveled 633 km.
  310. Flag: FI Postcard FI-378411 from Annabella13 to intyale traveled 1702 km.
  311. Flag: CH Postcard CH-25883 from carolisha to insel traveled 101 km.
  312. Flag: US Postcard US-342124 from sonataca to insel traveled 9305 km.
  313. Flag: EE Postcard EE-41337 from Madlike to insel traveled 1660 km.
  314. Flag: FI Postcard FI-489174 from Serida to insel traveled 1892 km.
  315. Flag: NZ Postcard NZ-25379 from peace-love-happiness to insel traveled 18512 km.
  316. Flag: PT Postcard PT-74254 from lady-bug to insel traveled 1693 km.
  317. Flag: PT Postcard PT-75071 from zesilva2002 to insel traveled 1519 km.
  318. Flag: SG Postcard SG-14844 from Alicia_Lee_Xin_Rou to insel traveled 10346 km.
  319. Flag: US Postcard US-360660 from Zoe_Quackenbush to insel traveled 8378 km.
  320. Flag: FI Postcard FI-503040 from teijaman to insel traveled 2210 km.
  321. Flag: CA Postcard CA-53480 from dythefly to insel traveled 4154 km.
  322. Flag: CZ Postcard CZ-23648 from Vigo to insel traveled 686 km.
  323. Flag: RO Postcard RO-3682 from ruxitzza to insel traveled 1458 km.
  324. Flag: CN Postcard CN-58642 from springbear to insel traveled 8040 km.
  325. Flag: US Postcard US-366006 from OK to insel traveled 7493 km.
  326. Flag: BE Postcard BE-30649 from Lizemie to insel traveled 394 km.
  327. Flag: CZ Postcard CZ-24072 from hejta to insel traveled 521 km.
  328. Flag: ES Postcard ES-41561 from Maxim to intyale traveled 970 km.
  329. Flag: LV Postcard LV-5280 from ruslix to insel traveled 1302 km.
  330. Flag: PL Postcard PL-20512 from Renia to intyale traveled 718 km.
  331. Flag: US Postcard US-370368 from grad200282 to intyale traveled 8558 km.
  332. Flag: US Postcard US-370374 from zaksmom to intyale traveled 7422 km.
  333. Flag: BY Postcard BY-13710 from Jorik to intyale traveled 1219 km.
  334. Flag: CN Postcard CN-59455 from yaoyao to insel traveled 8222 km.
  335. Flag: US Postcard US-370602 from hasukki to intyale traveled 8261 km.
  336. Flag: FR Postcard FR-49214 from Greteck to intyale traveled 418 km.
  337. Flag: TW Postcard TW-40532 from midorilee to insel traveled 9562 km.
  338. Flag: UA Postcard UA-6647 from okurochkin to insel traveled 1666 km.
  339. Flag: US Postcard US-370459 from selenteen to insel traveled 6261 km.
  340. Flag: US Postcard US-376533 from CTMWT to insel traveled 9458 km.
  341. Flag: CN Postcard CN-60927 from dengyushu to intyale traveled 8300 km.
  342. Flag: FI Postcard FI-517023 from karpalo to intyale traveled 1969 km.
  343. Flag: GB Postcard GB-70729 from anniemcc to insel traveled 930 km.
  344. Flag: NO Postcard NO-21118 from sovinne to insel traveled 2704 km.
  345. Flag: PL Postcard PL-21458 from norbsit to insel traveled 913 km.
  346. Flag: RO Postcard RO-3868 from KLMircea to insel traveled 1491 km.
  347. Flag: US Postcard US-380112 from Duckiloo to insel traveled 7215 km.
  348. Flag: ES Postcard ES-42683 from cucutrash to insel traveled 1380 km.
  349. Flag: AU Postcard AU-40282 from Sash to insel traveled 16550 km.
  350. Flag: CN Postcard CN-61413 from nickel to insel traveled 8106 km.
  351. Flag: CN Postcard CN-63287 from Mallow to insel traveled 9170 km.
  352. Flag: EE Postcard EE-45829 from maller to insel traveled 1684 km.
  353. Flag: FI Postcard FI-517137 from Jinni to insel traveled 1811 km.
  354. Flag: US Postcard US-379740 from lilbunny to insel traveled 8230 km.
  355. Flag: HR Postcard HR-5332 from RV to insel traveled 664 km.
  356. Flag: NL Postcard NL-155725 from yoteun to insel traveled 512 km.
  357. Flag: AT Postcard AT-32112 from bellavista to insel traveled 388 km.
  358. Flag: FI Postcard FI-528188 from lofklofk to insel traveled 1969 km.
  359. Flag: PL Postcard PL-24093 from KarolinaO to insel traveled 1052 km.
  360. Flag: TW Postcard TW-47665 from kilarock to insel traveled 9594 km.
  361. Flag: US Postcard US-374071 from MsHeather to insel traveled 7480 km.
  362. Flag: CN Postcard CN-68565 from Jekyll to insel traveled 6994 km.
  363. Flag: EE Postcard EE-47303 from Aleksei to insel traveled 1684 km.
  364. Flag: TW Postcard TW-44227 from Lisa0926 to insel traveled 9594 km.
  365. Flag: RU Postcard RU-44989 from Vera_ndet to insel traveled 4445 km.
  366. Flag: US Postcard US-400465 from jenzie to insel traveled 8070 km.
  367. Flag: LT Postcard LT-35447 from Zijus to insel traveled 1419 km.
  368. Flag: US Postcard US-411767 from saracuda to insel traveled 8516 km.
  369. Flag: US Postcard US-411783 from hjkay13 to insel traveled 6899 km.
  370. Flag: AT Postcard AT-34165 from MacGeek to intyale traveled 578 km.
  371. Flag: CZ Postcard CZ-27346 from cudla to insel traveled 672 km.
  372. Flag: DE Postcard DE-350489 from Eule to intyale traveled 662 km.
  373. Flag: FI Postcard FI-554189 from neutral to insel traveled 1955 km.
  374. Flag: FI Postcard FI-556319 from kaarlevi to intyale traveled 1791 km.
  375. Flag: FI Postcard FI-556459 from Maria-Sofia to insel traveled 2027 km.
  376. Flag: US Postcard US-417769 from DarcyC to intyale traveled 8505 km.
  377. Flag: FI Postcard FI-556148 from Juhetus to intyale traveled 1885 km.
  378. Flag: JP Postcard JP-68203 from bluejazztonic to intyale traveled 8937 km.
  379. Flag: JP Postcard JP-68268 from azuazu to intyale traveled 9362 km.
  380. Flag: US Postcard US-418103 from Breger3 to insel traveled 6721 km.
  381. Flag: CH Postcard CH-30644 from Franziska-Nathi to insel traveled 134 km.
  382. Flag: FR Postcard FR-53223 from Bonjour_de_France to insel traveled 449 km.
  383. Flag: IT Postcard IT-46702 from Nerone to insel traveled 771 km.
  384. Flag: LT Postcard LT-35818 from Justy382 to insel traveled 1350 km.
  385. Flag: NL Postcard NL-170130 from wimdemol to insel traveled 515 km.
  386. Flag: RU Postcard RU-47606 from Katos to insel traveled 2202 km.
  387. Flag: US Postcard US-314615 from deliciouspear to insel traveled 8386 km.
  388. Flag: CN Postcard CN-79359 from mandymicky to intyale traveled 9308 km.
  389. Flag: BR Postcard BR-64541 from reginamagaly to intyale traveled 9603 km.
  390. Flag: CN Postcard CN-79494 from ULA-DOREEN to intyale traveled 9308 km.
  391. Flag: DE Postcard DE-354713 from angeleye to intyale traveled 321 km.
  392. Flag: IT Postcard IT-46862 from OnTheMoon to insel traveled 424 km.
  393. Flag: TR Postcard TR-18412 from smyrniantao to insel traveled 1885 km.
  394. Flag: US Postcard US-423811 from NomadChic to intyale traveled 7703 km.
  395. Flag: GB Postcard GB-79727 from maverick86 to intyale traveled 1220 km.
  396. Flag: BG Postcard BG-3393 from fca777 to insel traveled 1343 km.
  397. Flag: DE Postcard DE-360889 from elvsch to intyale traveled 349 km.
  398. Flag: EE Postcard EE-50636 from jalutaja to insel traveled 1684 km.
  399. Flag: FI Postcard FI-566427 from Nunne to insel traveled 1739 km.
  400. Flag: FI Postcard FI-570160 from Tarri to intyale traveled 1811 km.
  401. Flag: NL Postcard NL-174244 from MyrAmelie to insel traveled 562 km.
  402. Flag: NZ Postcard NZ-27870 from lucysmummy to intyale traveled 18508 km.
  403. Flag: FI Postcard FI-562210 from Tildamaria to insel traveled 1955 km.
  404. Flag: RU Postcard RU-47154 from katekrupnova to insel traveled 1967 km.
  405. Flag: US Postcard US-435535 from jray to intyale traveled 9177 km.
  406. Flag: DE Postcard DE-363565 from Krabbenkind to intyale traveled 620 km.
  407. Flag: EE Postcard EE-51139 from pharaoh to insel traveled 1597 km.
  408. Flag: FI Postcard FI-574422 from ginnir to insel traveled 1872 km.
  409. Flag: FI Postcard FI-575870 from emilia-de-nuit to insel traveled 1742 km.
  410. Flag: GB Postcard GB-81221 from johnson21c to insel traveled 693 km.
  411. Flag: PL Postcard PL-30774 from Gabi_Ch to insel traveled 1024 km.
  412. Flag: RU Postcard RU-49960 from riccio to intyale traveled 3912 km.
  413. Flag: RU Postcard RU-50987 from nati-nati to insel traveled 2202 km.
  414. Flag: AU Postcard AU-44839 from heyhoewarren to intyale traveled 16595 km.
  415. Flag: MY Postcard MY-21519 from josietai to insel traveled 10032 km.
  416. Flag: US Postcard US-438782 from christyross to insel traveled 7641 km.
  417. Flag: CN Postcard CN-90540 from khakika to insel traveled 8757 km.
  418. Flag: BY Postcard BY-21609 from Lunushka to insel traveled 1731 km.
  419. Flag: CN Postcard CN-94198 from Julysunshine to intyale traveled 8222 km.
  420. Flag: US Postcard US-458441 from mini_fun_fam to insel traveled 7175 km.
  421. Flag: TW Postcard TW-70683 from vibleday to insel traveled 9598 km.
  422. Flag: DE Postcard DE-388770 from estrelija to intyale traveled 133 km.
  423. Flag: FI Postcard FI-608373 from krisstina to insel traveled 2160 km.
  424. Flag: RU Postcard RU-53325 from Barbara05 to intyale traveled 2199 km.
  425. Flag: TH Postcard TH-25125 from wanneversad to intyale traveled 9078 km.
  426. Flag: US Postcard US-470849 from marydennis1066 to insel traveled 7958 km.
  427. Flag: BR Postcard BR-71628 from gustavogbr10 to insel traveled 9609 km.
  428. Flag: CN Postcard CN-102190 from winnie3218 to insel traveled 9292 km.
  429. Flag: FI Postcard FI-616046 from catya to insel traveled 1767 km.
  430. Flag: FR Postcard FR-60529 from petitemartine to insel traveled 830 km.
  431. Flag: IT Postcard IT-53227 from micio to insel traveled 389 km.
  432. Flag: NL Postcard NL-199746 from Raoul to insel traveled 471 km.
  433. Flag: RU Postcard RU-61358 from merry-go-roundlover to insel traveled 2586 km.
  434. Flag: RU Postcard RU-62006 from azh7 to insel traveled 2202 km.
  435. Flag: CN Postcard CN-102206 from chenbing to insel traveled 8000 km.
  436. Flag: FI Postcard FI-614116 from dew_rey to insel traveled 1818 km.
  437. Flag: US Postcard US-480529 from Britny to insel traveled 9453 km.
  438. Flag: AU Postcard AU-50736 from Myella to insel traveled 16373 km.
  439. Flag: BY Postcard BY-24959 from Margosha to insel traveled 1219 km.
  440. Flag: US Postcard US-473424 from maddieboo to insel traveled 9458 km.
  441. Flag: PT Postcard PT-95020 from cysnenegro to insel traveled 1686 km.
  442. Flag: US Postcard US-440667 from msnsomniac to insel traveled 8739 km.
  443. Flag: FI Postcard FI-643789 from Xpaula to insel traveled 1885 km.
  444. Flag: LT Postcard LT-47237 from funcybabe to insel traveled 1350 km.
  445. Flag: NL Postcard NL-227300 from Tulip62 to insel traveled 523 km.
  446. Flag: CZ Postcard CZ-36968 from Bettynka to insel traveled 533 km.
  447. Flag: NL Postcard NL-230932 from suzant to insel traveled 541 km.
  448. Flag: US Postcard US-529454 from scmahana to insel traveled 8398 km.
  449. Flag: BR Postcard BR-80478 from minicovski to insel traveled 9603 km.
  450. Flag: CA Postcard UA-78467 from cameragirl2 to insel traveled 7471 km.
  451. Flag: KR Postcard KR-6492 from m1844 to insel traveled 8922 km.
  452. Flag: CH Postcard CH-41720 from kukumala to insel traveled 139 km.
  453. Flag: AT Postcard AT-46079 from garfius to insel traveled 300 km.
  454. Flag: FI Postcard FI-707165 from dollart to insel traveled 1962 km.
  455. Flag: US Postcard US-565334 from filimybaby to insel traveled 8479 km.
  456. Flag: MY Postcard MY-31847 from Zoelimchooiley to insel traveled 10013 km.
  457. Flag: FI Postcard FI-707942 from viherrys to insel traveled 1772 km.
  458. Flag: FI Postcard FI-709224 from Groky to insel traveled 1171 km.
  459. Flag: TW Postcard TW-108587 from jn1990628 to insel traveled 9566 km.
  460. Flag: FR Postcard FR-76130 from Asa to insel traveled 697 km.
  461. Flag: IT Postcard IT-69723 from squino to insel traveled 612 km.
  462. Flag: RU Postcard RU-97156 from Pochtaljonka to insel traveled 1967 km.
  463. Flag: FI Postcard FI-718710 from veverka to insel traveled 1163 km.
  464. Flag: FI Postcard FI-718752 from Nunneli to insel traveled 1747 km.
  465. Flag: NL Postcard NL-273022 from Solaris88 to insel traveled 506 km.
  466. Flag: JP Postcard JP-92443 from ntsunset to insel traveled 9567 km.
  467. Flag: PL Postcard PL-62244 from szapp to insel traveled 1044 km.
  468. Flag: PL Postcard PL-63192 from valeriya to insel traveled 1120 km.
  469. Flag: FI Postcard FI-725225 from Hani-Honey to insel traveled 1742 km.
  470. Flag: PT Postcard PT-107994 from lopes121 to insel traveled 1526 km.
  471. Flag: AR Postcard AR-3076 from Ariel_94 to insel traveled 11302 km.
  472. Flag: NL Postcard NL-278910 from Paschal to insel traveled 511 km.
  473. Flag: NL Postcard NL-281764 from Jangalene to insel traveled 585 km.
  474. Flag: US Postcard US-592261 from lisahhh73 to insel traveled 6380 km.
  475. Flag: AU Postcard AU-64787 from avonlea to insel traveled 16507 km.
  476. Flag: CZ Postcard CZ-44071 from EllizaDay to insel traveled 505 km.
  477. Flag: RO Postcard RO-9664 from ecaterina to insel traveled 1111 km.
  478. Flag: RU Postcard RU-103637 from olya_trouble to insel traveled 2202 km.
  479. Flag: SI Postcard SI-20099 from bianca to insel traveled 549 km.
  480. Flag: NL Postcard NL-289431 from Virenque to insel traveled 489 km.
  481. Flag: NL Postcard NL-291084 from CaptAmar to insel traveled 556 km.
  482. Flag: UA Postcard UA-19956 from fetzen_ to insel traveled 1666 km.
  483. Flag: US Postcard US-618874 from mangoqueen24 to insel traveled 6261 km.
  484. Flag: PT Postcard PT-112138 from juko to insel traveled 1713 km.
  485. Flag: FI Postcard FI-744069 from Morgania to insel traveled 1892 km.
  486. Flag: US Postcard US-620284 from zootsuit to insel traveled 7202 km.
  487. Flag: BE Postcard BE-55013 from morganalefay to insel traveled 406 km.
  488. Flag: CN Postcard CN-167209 from zoe428 to insel traveled 7994 km.
  489. Flag: FR Postcard FR-83313 from vivie to insel traveled 734 km.
  490. Flag: PL Postcard PL-67030 from miotacz91 to insel traveled 754 km.
  491. Flag: RU Postcard RU-124350 from nastus to insel traveled 1967 km.
  492. Flag: CN Postcard CN-168396 from tm0806 to insel traveled 9200 km.
  493. Flag: NL Postcard NL-304435 from semwa to insel traveled 519 km.
  494. Flag: ES Postcard ES-69889 from Sixel to insel traveled 859 km.
  495. Flag: RU Postcard RU-124760 from melayina to insel traveled 2445 km.
  496. Flag: FI Postcard FI-768869 from Tepa56 to insel traveled 1811 km.
  497. Flag: US Postcard US-642253 from boon to insel traveled 8533 km.
  498. Flag: FI Postcard FI-774344 from Tarjanneli to insel traveled 1872 km.
  499. Flag: NL Postcard NL-312474 from jncz24 to insel traveled 519 km.
  500. Flag: TH Postcard TH-37670 from lovelybee to insel traveled 9078 km.
  501. Flag: CA Postcard CA-99015 from Birdlover to insel traveled 8233 km.
  502. Flag: CZ Postcard CZ-50699 from Evg_M to insel traveled 533 km.
  503. Flag: FI Postcard FI-776916 from tuffe to insel traveled 1723 km.
  504. Flag: NL Postcard NL-319263 from marlies60 to insel traveled 498 km.
  505. Flag: RU Postcard RU-133829 from elestrenn to insel traveled 3593 km.
  506. Flag: TW Postcard TW-136387 from do2512 to insel traveled 9566 km.
  507. Flag: UA Postcard UA-24951 from Marta27 to insel traveled 1198 km.
  508. Flag: FR Postcard FR-88844 from FrederiqueDLR to insel traveled 355 km.
  509. Flag: PL Postcard PL-82110 from domaskowa to insel traveled 875 km.
  510. Flag: AU Postcard AU-73752 from Colby to insel traveled 16196 km.
  511. Flag: CN Postcard CN-178201 from neonhex to insel traveled 8642 km.
  512. Flag: GB Postcard GB-133322 from gingerbam to insel traveled 1002 km.
  513. Flag: NL Postcard NL-331090 from harja to intyale traveled 501 km.
  514. Flag: NL Postcard NL-325981 from Lallybroch to insel traveled 396 km.
  515. Flag: UA Postcard UA-27504 from helen_orlova to intyale traveled 1666 km.
  516. Flag: CA Postcard CA-102367 from LindaMZH to insel traveled 6418 km.
  517. Flag: FI Postcard FI-789563 from Ragtime to insel traveled 1747 km.
  518. Flag: IT Postcard IT-83002 from pierpaolo170 to insel traveled 472 km.
  519. Flag: US Postcard US-433066 from Jinji to insel traveled 6328 km.
  520. Flag: AT Postcard AT-53907 from gitti to insel traveled 497 km.
  521. Flag: FI Postcard FI-798444 from laban to insel traveled 1657 km.
  522. Flag: MY Postcard MY-38423 from acaimoza to insel traveled 10151 km.
  523. Flag: PT Postcard PT-120458 from aflavia to insel traveled 1464 km.
  524. Flag: US Postcard US-648192 from hrose1013 to insel traveled 6873 km.
  525. Flag: PL Postcard PL-85643 from animira to intyale traveled 909 km.
  526. Flag: US Postcard US-671205 from swillson to intyale traveled 6799 km.
  527. Flag: AT Postcard AT-54407 from Kangkung to insel traveled 634 km.
  528. Flag: CN Postcard CN-190479 from milym to insel traveled 9200 km.
  529. Flag: HR Postcard HR-12227 from ipodoreski to insel traveled 707 km.
  530. Flag: JP Postcard JP-106283 from mama_porte to insel traveled 9459 km.
  531. Flag: RU Postcard RU-142577 from FantaZZy to insel traveled 1967 km.
  532. Flag: TH Postcard TH-41801 from hanapanda to intyale traveled 9095 km.
  533. Flag: TW Postcard TW-142640 from Hua0612 to insel traveled 9700 km.
  534. Flag: NL Postcard NL-335174 from MMMarieke to insel traveled 522 km.
  535. Flag: US Postcard US-684358 from joanwilder to insel traveled 7067 km.
  536. Flag: LT Postcard LT-73670 from ceonke to insel traveled 1419 km.
  537. Flag: DK Postcard DK-10873 from StineHT to insel traveled 911 km.
  538. Flag: FI Postcard FI-807450 from Aino-neiti to insel traveled 1667 km.
  539. Flag: IE Postcard IE-10522 from lucyjellies to insel traveled 1309 km.
  540. Flag: NL Postcard NL-347636 from petraruben to insel traveled 577 km.
  541. Flag: PH Postcard PH-15386 from HENDRIX to insel traveled 11301 km.
  542. Flag: FI Postcard FI-810995 from tiituksa to insel traveled 1955 km.
  543. Flag: US Postcard US-693340 from tyedyekitty to insel traveled 9105 km.
  544. Flag: CH Postcard CH-52740 from swisspamchen1977 to insel traveled 72 km.
  545. Flag: NL Postcard NL-350278 from aygenb to insel traveled 531 km.
  546. Flag: RU Postcard RU-157472 from decemberboy to insel traveled 2176 km.
  547. Flag: EE Postcard EE-71785 from Nikina76 to insel traveled 1684 km.
  548. Flag: FI Postcard FI-813692 from Aureus to insel traveled 2168 km.
  549. Flag: LT Postcard LT-76289 from jtu to insel traveled 1419 km.
  550. Flag: US Postcard US-701119 from Mamaboogs294 to insel traveled 8757 km.
  551. Flag: CA Postcard CA-105077 from TitanFan to insel traveled 5284 km.
  552. Flag: CN Postcard CN-200712 from seven77night to insel traveled 9027 km.
  553. Flag: FR Postcard FR-94763 from Thomas-Lenoir to insel traveled 581 km.
  554. Flag: TW Postcard TW-154377 from samtseng to insel traveled 9564 km.
  555. Flag: US Postcard US-708560 from TheeGivingTree to insel traveled 9482 km.
  556. Flag: US Postcard US-717808 from ElizabethWilley to insel traveled 6495 km.
  557. Flag: US Postcard US-725577 from wcwus to insel traveled 6631 km.
  558. Flag: FI Postcard FI-838216 from silkkiuikku to insel traveled 1793 km.
  559. Flag: US Postcard US-730902 from shawkaroo to insel traveled 8559 km.
  560. Flag: RU Postcard RU-165275 from Lyuba_S to insel traveled 1967 km.
  561. Flag: NL Postcard AT-56345 from monie_austria to insel traveled 624 km.
  562. Flag: FI Postcard FI-863027 from pursu45 to insel traveled 1995 km.
  563. Flag: IT Postcard IT-96338 from tino to insel traveled 1280 km.
  564. Flag: US Postcard US-773628 from littlepod to insel traveled 7169 km.
  565. Flag: US Postcard US-781031 from Beachyblonde to insel traveled 8318 km.
  566. Flag: FI Postcard FI-870673 from Tarya to insel traveled 1747 km.
  567. Flag: PL Postcard PL-113173 from aneste93 to insel traveled 933 km.
  568. Flag: UA Postcard UA-40373 from Little_rat to insel traveled 1734 km.
  569. Flag: HR Postcard HR-13830 from danijela21 to insel traveled 672 km.
  570. Flag: US Postcard US-786664 from heididoo to insel traveled 9428 km.
  571. Flag: FI Postcard FI-873318 from rivaku to insel traveled 1804 km.
  572. Flag: BE Postcard BE-69584 from jeanmarie to insel traveled 399 km.
  573. Flag: IL Postcard IL-8491 from wildernesscat to insel traveled 2864 km.
  574. Flag: FI Postcard FI-880882 from Goldstone to insel traveled 1747 km.
  575. Flag: PT Postcard PT-133162 from risa to insel traveled 1508 km.
  576. Flag: US Postcard US-797928 from Pak2002 to insel traveled 6328 km.
  577. Flag: RU Postcard RU-195376 from Liberty1011 to insel traveled 3819 km.
  578. Flag: FI Postcard FI-908383 from Crystalprincess to insel traveled 2058 km.
  579. Flag: NL Postcard NL-446728 from Stephany to insel traveled 416 km.
  580. Flag: CZ Postcard CZ-77644 from el_lexik to insel traveled 534 km.
  581. Flag: FI Postcard FI-913267 from hiesuli to insel traveled 2058 km.
  582. Flag: KR Postcard KR-11597 from piggykr to insel traveled 8768 km.
  583. Flag: PL Postcard PL-12927 from DxMagdalena to insel traveled 851 km.
  584. Flag: US Postcard US-892820 from Fillistar to insel traveled 6337 km.
  585. Flag: BY Postcard BY-93419 from crazy-piggam to insel traveled 1525 km.
  586. Flag: HU Postcard HU-31997 from sophiewrites to insel traveled 842 km.

Minimal distance: 47 km. Maximal distance: 18720 km
Average speed of received cards: 311.2 km/day