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Postcrossing Logfile: Sent Postcards

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Sent postcards

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  1. Flag: FI Postcard DE-125858 from insel to Luffe traveled 1717 km.
  2. Flag: US Postcard DE-125909 from insel to starbunnie04 traveled 6864 km.
  3. Flag: FR Postcard DE-125916 from insel to bioemma traveled 736 km.
  4. Flag: PT Postcard DE-125917 from insel to Isabella2006 traveled 1501 km.
  5. Flag: CH Postcard DE-125918 from insel to vanessa85 traveled 88 km.
  6. Flag: FI Postcard DE-127045 from insel to Ullis traveled 1847 km.
  7. Flag: CN Postcard DE-127297 from insel to Jody traveled 9027 km.
  8. Flag: FI Postcard DE-127763 from insel to Piija traveled 1786 km.
  9. Flag: JP Postcard DE-128307 from insel to YUTA traveled 9496 km.
  10. Flag: HU Postcard DE-128486 from insel to Palalili traveled 843 km.
  11. Flag: PT Postcard DE-128872 from insel to ervidel traveled 1779 km.
  12. Flag: US Postcard DE-129594 from insel to rjncauysmom9499 traveled 7310 km.
  13. Flag: RS Postcard DE-129954 from insel to mpetrovic traveled 1209 km.
  14. Flag: FI Postcard DE-129975 from insel to InP traveled 1747 km.
  15. Flag: BR Postcard DE-130157 from insel to nattorj traveled 9358 km.
  16. Flag: TW Postcard DE-130940 from insel to bigsmile traveled 9550 km.
  17. Flag: FI Postcard DE-131427 from insel to Teijakatariina traveled 1812 km.
  18. Flag: RU Postcard DE-131769 from insel to novogireevo traveled 2203 km.
  19. Flag: US Postcard DE-133716 from insel to mountaingoat91 traveled 8313 km.
  20. Flag: FI Postcard DE-133722 from insel to Sansku traveled 1864 km.
  21. Flag: FI Postcard DE-135047 from insel to asakusaanne traveled 1739 km.
  22. Flag: CA Postcard DE-135048 from insel to ckaye traveled 5312 km.
  23. Flag: IT Postcard DE-135377 from insel to frantisek traveled 297 km.
  24. Flag: US Postcard DE-135955 from insel to beaker00 traveled 7418 km.
  25. Flag: CH Postcard DE-135988 from insel to noracora traveled 85 km.
  26. Flag: EE Postcard DE-136875 from insel to kretel traveled 1641 km.
  27. Flag: NZ Postcard DE-136876 from insel to mollydog traveled 18592 km.
  28. Flag: AT Postcard DE-136933 from insel to henryart traveled 327 km.
  29. Flag: FI Postcard DE-138038 from insel to Neved traveled 1781 km.
  30. Flag: US Postcard DE-138049 from insel to amelish traveled 6385 km.
  31. Flag: NL Postcard DE-138540 from insel to Nelleke traveled 490 km.
  32. Flag: US Postcard DE-141838 from insel to leirali traveled 6288 km.
  33. Flag: FI Postcard DE-141839 from insel to Tinzi traveled 1747 km.
  34. Flag: NL Postcard DE-141846 from insel to Shaula traveled 519 km.
  35. Flag: IN Postcard DE-142430 from insel to armaanyounis traveled 7151 km.
  36. Flag: BR Postcard DE-142437 from insel to fofajr3 traveled 9603 km.
  37. Flag: FI Postcard DE-142995 from insel to Emmiina traveled 1667 km.
  38. Flag: US Postcard DE-143435 from insel to jay-c traveled 7931 km.
  39. Flag: RS Postcard DE-143995 from insel to vuktrkulja traveled 1230 km.
  40. Flag: FI Postcard DE-144885 from insel to leenasofia traveled 1760 km.
  41. Flag: FI Postcard DE-146192 from insel to ElinaL traveled 1669 km.
  42. Flag: NL Postcard DE-146193 from insel to igetje traveled 470 km.
  43. Flag: US Postcard DE-146305 from insel to csrodriguez traveled 6164 km.
  44. Flag: BR Postcard DE-146629 from insel to kerouac_girl traveled 9357 km.
  45. Flag: US Postcard DE-146743 from intyale to serendipityartist traveled 9482 km.
  46. Flag: FI Postcard DE-146744 from intyale to vvii traveled 1839 km.
  47. Flag: DE Postcard DE-146749 from intyale to majalena traveled 504 km.
  48. Flag: DE Postcard DE-146750 from intyale to majalena traveled 504 km.
  49. Flag: ES Postcard DE-146760 from intyale to arafuen2005 traveled 859 km.
  50. Flag: FI Postcard DE-147832 from insel to Saint traveled 1839 km.
  51. Flag: NL Postcard DE-147834 from insel to Martinijn traveled 562 km.
  52. Flag: IT Postcard DE-148347 from insel to terry55555 traveled 260 km.
  53. Flag: FI Postcard DE-148375 from intyale to vdnh traveled 1667 km.
  54. Flag: DE Postcard DE-148376 from intyale to xtlera traveled 392 km.
  55. Flag: IS Postcard DE-148402 from intyale to hemmi traveled 2538 km.
  56. Flag: BE Postcard DE-148403 from intyale to TCLom traveled 404 km.
  57. Flag: US Postcard DE-148470 from insel to hippofairy traveled 9449 km.
  58. Flag: FI Postcard DE-150324 from insel to nosis traveled 1742 km.
  59. Flag: US Postcard DE-150325 from insel to danielcboyer traveled 6710 km.
  60. Flag: FI Postcard DE-150426 from intyale to Mimosa- traveled 1747 km.
  61. Flag: FR Postcard DE-150427 from insel to Orelyf traveled 410 km.
  62. Flag: DE Postcard DE-150428 from intyale to Quilty traveled 124 km.
  63. Flag: CL Postcard DE-150429 from insel to Ebrienweiss traveled 11911 km.
  64. Flag: US Postcard DE-152251 from intyale to MoniqueRenae traveled 8319 km.
  65. Flag: FI Postcard DE-152252 from intyale to annekaarina traveled 1739 km.
  66. Flag: PT Postcard DE-152253 from intyale to b_kotipelto traveled 1509 km.
  67. Flag: GB Postcard DE-152368 from intyale to Helen_x traveled 926 km.
  68. Flag: BR Postcard DE-152369 from intyale to ninoca traveled 9353 km.
  69. Flag: FI Postcard DE-152442 from insel to Pvi traveled 2121 km.
  70. Flag: US Postcard DE-152443 from insel to Shirleym traveled 6609 km.
  71. Flag: CA Postcard DE-152634 from insel to ryan_becky traveled 7471 km.
  72. Flag: FI Postcard DE-154177 from insel to suvii traveled 1943 km.
  73. Flag: SG Postcard DE-154178 from insel to DavidNg traveled 10346 km.
  74. Flag: FI Postcard DE-154414 from intyale to Acrekkeri traveled 1811 km.
  75. Flag: US Postcard DE-154415 from intyale to Virgo_1962 traveled 8162 km.
  76. Flag: RU Postcard DE-154416 from intyale to SugarBaby traveled 2202 km.
  77. Flag: FI Postcard DE-156229 from intyale to AmeliaRose traveled 1747 km.
  78. Flag: DE Postcard DE-156230 from intyale to exscout traveled 497 km.
  79. Postcard expired.
  80. Postcard expired.
  81. Flag: FI Postcard DE-156468 from insel to meerkat traveled 1742 km.
  82. Flag: BR Postcard DE-156469 from insel to Savta traveled 7401 km.
  83. Flag: IN Postcard DE-158067 from intyale to manu_hsp traveled 5904 km.
  84. Flag: EE Postcard DE-158068 from intyale to smuukipuuki traveled 1684 km.
  85. Postcard expired.
  86. Flag: US Postcard DE-158436 from intyale to jtw73 traveled 5951 km.
  87. Flag: FI Postcard DE-158454 from insel to kajo traveled 1872 km.
  88. Flag: FI Postcard DE-160856 from intyale to Murmeli83 traveled 1864 km.
  89. Flag: FI Postcard DE-160864 from insel to tuulis traveled 1747 km.
  90. Postcard expired.
  91. Flag: MU Postcard DE-160922 from insel to Tamera007 traveled 9017 km.
  92. Flag: EE Postcard DE-161360 from insel to Hannelek traveled 1646 km.
  93. Flag: FI Postcard DE-163923 from insel to telle traveled 1768 km.
  94. Flag: TW Postcard DE-163924 from insel to emilyloveyou0208 traveled 9594 km.
  95. Flag: IS Postcard DE-163925 from insel to siggarosa traveled 2539 km.
  96. Flag: CH Postcard DE-163965 from intyale to never_summer traveled 121 km.
  97. Flag: DE Postcard DE-163966 from intyale to goldmari2001 traveled 349 km.
  98. Flag: FI Postcard DE-166802 from insel to groundhog traveled 1742 km.
  99. Flag: CZ Postcard DE-166803 from insel to nahanni traveled 559 km.
  100. Flag: CN Postcard DE-167024 from insel to pantheism_t traveled 9100 km.
  101. Flag: JP Postcard DE-167025 from insel to hikari11 traveled 9592 km.
  102. Flag: FI Postcard DE-167060 from intyale to kirstina traveled 1839 km.
  103. Flag: US Postcard DE-167061 from intyale to stevek623 traveled 7536 km.
  104. Flag: DE Postcard DE-167062 from intyale to myriel traveled 639 km.
  105. Postcard expired.
  106. Flag: PH Postcard DE-167105 from intyale to cabbie traveled 10442 km.
  107. Flag: FI Postcard DE-169973 from insel to kaisam traveled 1955 km.
  108. Flag: BG Postcard DE-169974 from insel to beni traveled 1397 km.
  109. Flag: JP Postcard DE-170005 from insel to gongzi traveled 9467 km.
  110. Flag: TR Postcard DE-170006 from insel to bodrumlu traveled 1840 km.
  111. Flag: FI Postcard DE-170136 from intyale to Trician_Mc_Millan traveled 2168 km.
  112. Flag: DE Postcard DE-170137 from intyale to emmi2006 traveled 407 km.
  113. Flag: FI Postcard DE-173047 from insel to anmark traveled 1661 km.
  114. Flag: MY Postcard DE-173054 from intyale to asy_shuqran traveled 9960 km.
  115. Flag: DE Postcard DE-173055 from intyale to tortugan traveled 781 km.
  116. Flag: FI Postcard DE-176014 from insel to taavina traveled 2111 km.
  117. Flag: CZ Postcard DE-176015 from insel to Keep_smiling traveled 694 km.
  118. Flag: TR Postcard DE-176016 from insel to apaydin traveled 1885 km.
  119. Flag: CH Postcard DE-176017 from insel to corli traveled 184 km.
  120. Flag: FI Postcard DE-176155 from intyale to Tuomo-89 traveled 1839 km.
  121. Flag: DE Postcard DE-176156 from intyale to Michaela0705 traveled 392 km.
  122. Flag: FR Postcard DE-178870 from insel to zabou traveled 384 km.
  123. Flag: FI Postcard DE-181333 from insel to Kilona traveled 1747 km.
  124. Flag: US Postcard DE-181340 from insel to vevericka traveled 6678 km.
  125. Flag: TW Postcard DE-181344 from insel to gncpchen traveled 9594 km.
  126. Flag: CA Postcard DE-181346 from insel to SallySmallpox traveled 7471 km.
  127. Flag: FI Postcard DE-184097 from insel to wolf_91 traveled 1760 km.
  128. Flag: US Postcard DE-184098 from insel to acyoung traveled 9188 km.
  129. Flag: CN Postcard DE-184143 from insel to monokro traveled 9200 km.
  130. Flag: ES Postcard DE-184144 from insel to luiseme traveled 859 km.
  131. Flag: GB Postcard DE-184153 from insel to kviarales traveled 876 km.
  132. Flag: MY Postcard DE-184154 from insel to zarina traveled 10052 km.
  133. Flag: DE Postcard DE-184171 from intyale to petziorso traveled 349 km.
  134. Postcard expired.
  135. Flag: UA Postcard DE-184173 from intyale to nancy9 traveled 1666 km.
  136. Flag: FI Postcard DE-186929 from insel to pimu traveled 1671 km.
  137. Flag: US Postcard DE-186930 from insel to zanylady traveled 9140 km.
  138. Flag: BR Postcard DE-186931 from insel to andreabolsarini traveled 9520 km.
  139. Flag: EE Postcard DE-186940 from insel to ulvikaru traveled 1667 km.
  140. Flag: JP Postcard DE-186941 from insel to CHISAYA traveled 9456 km.
  141. Flag: ES Postcard DE-186942 from insel to isgoma traveled 1247 km.
  142. Flag: CA Postcard DE-186943 from insel to insightful-ear traveled 6308 km.
  143. Flag: FI Postcard DE-186953 from intyale to Madmango traveled 1747 km.
  144. Flag: JP Postcard DE-186954 from intyale to snowandcherry traveled 9346 km.
  145. Flag: AU Postcard DE-186955 from intyale to Kiza traveled 16582 km.
  146. Flag: FI Postcard DE-189662 from insel to suvir traveled 1871 km.
  147. Flag: NL Postcard DE-189663 from insel to livemylife traveled 572 km.
  148. Flag: IT Postcard DE-189664 from insel to alessandrastrona traveled 799 km.
  149. Flag: FI Postcard DE-189764 from intyale to retzku traveled 1943 km.
  150. Postcard expired.
  151. Flag: DE Postcard DE-189778 from intyale to luftblase traveled 410 km.
  152. Flag: SI Postcard DE-189877 from insel to scr3am traveled 619 km.
  153. Flag: FI Postcard DE-192406 from insel to stina traveled 2111 km.
  154. Flag: BE Postcard DE-192407 from insel to wally2cv traveled 399 km.
  155. Flag: TW Postcard DE-192408 from insel to timminny traveled 9612 km.
  156. Flag: DE Postcard DE-192486 from intyale to siaca traveled 77 km.
  157. Flag: RS Postcard DE-192487 from intyale to MarinaKK traveled 1032 km.
  158. Flag: EE Postcard DE-195124 from insel to Karin206 traveled 1684 km.
  159. Flag: HR Postcard DE-195125 from insel to CV traveled 664 km.
  160. Flag: GB Postcard DE-195126 from insel to thmtsang traveled 1206 km.
  161. Flag: HR Postcard DE-195362 from intyale to crnaofca traveled 664 km.
  162. Postcard expired.
  163. Flag: DE Postcard DE-195379 from intyale to IloveyouBaby traveled 390 km.
  164. Flag: NL Postcard DE-195383 from insel to kathy2612 traveled 365 km.
  165. Postcard expired.
  166. Flag: FI Postcard DE-200731 from intyale to nnniiina traveled 2058 km.
  167. Flag: DE Postcard DE-200732 from intyale to Mary-Lena traveled 418 km.
  168. Flag: BY Postcard DE-200733 from intyale to Violette traveled 1219 km.
  169. Flag: FI Postcard DE-200880 from insel to kanerva2 traveled 2033 km.
  170. Flag: US Postcard DE-200881 from insel to utahranger traveled 9084 km.
  171. Flag: NL Postcard DE-200882 from insel to dortmund68 traveled 481 km.
  172. Flag: BR Postcard DE-200889 from insel to rosangelagasparini traveled 8941 km.
  173. Flag: FI Postcard DE-202472 from intyale to MsMoney traveled 1872 km.
  174. Flag: DE Postcard DE-202473 from intyale to Pippi67 traveled 133 km.
  175. Postcard expired.
  176. Flag: BR Postcard DE-206982 from intyale to siriarah traveled 10052 km.
  177. Flag: NL Postcard DE-206983 from intyale to gemmatic traveled 502 km.
  178. Flag: FI Postcard DE-207124 from insel to gettiz traveled 1667 km.
  179. Flag: US Postcard DE-207125 from insel to Mommyknows traveled 7155 km.
  180. Flag: RU Postcard DE-207126 from insel to Damka traveled 2186 km.
  181. Flag: JP Postcard DE-207131 from insel to evitayueh traveled 9577 km.
  182. Flag: AU Postcard DE-207132 from insel to Hailz08 traveled 15446 km.
  183. Flag: CA Postcard DE-207147 from insel to tokiemes traveled 5216 km.
  184. Flag: DE Postcard DE-210066 from intyale to R4 traveled 672 km.
  185. Flag: TW Postcard DE-210067 from intyale to smallsea traveled 9566 km.
  186. Flag: TW Postcard DE-210358 from insel to sh1992 traveled 9574 km.
  187. Flag: BY Postcard DE-210359 from insel to Troyan traveled 1219 km.
  188. Flag: PH Postcard DE-210360 from insel to soblessed traveled 10442 km.
  189. Flag: DE Postcard DE-213166 from intyale to Terra traveled 242 km.
  190. Flag: US Postcard DE-216075 from intyale to actarbox4773 traveled 5911 km.
  191. Flag: SI Postcard DE-216076 from intyale to red_daisy traveled 516 km.
  192. Flag: EE Postcard DE-216077 from intyale to Muhv traveled 1684 km.
  193. Flag: US Postcard DE-219323 from intyale to Bellemmy traveled 8410 km.
  194. Flag: DE Postcard DE-219324 from intyale to spinkymausi traveled 639 km.
  195. Flag: RU Postcard DE-219325 from intyale to Thyl traveled 1967 km.
  196. Flag: CN Postcard DE-222436 from intyale to Xuzhi traveled 8000 km.
  197. Flag: BY Postcard DE-222437 from intyale to KateU traveled 1286 km.
  198. Flag: AT Postcard DE-222438 from intyale to wirrimkopf traveled 634 km.
  199. Flag: CZ Postcard DE-225640 from intyale to zas9k traveled 524 km.
  200. Flag: AU Postcard DE-225641 from intyale to sarita608 traveled 16582 km.
  201. Flag: BR Postcard DE-225642 from intyale to BORGES traveled 8160 km.
  202. Flag: US Postcard DE-225660 from insel to dyagla traveled 9236 km.
  203. Flag: CZ Postcard DE-225661 from insel to wiklunda traveled 402 km.
  204. Flag: NL Postcard DE-225662 from insel to Anita1982 traveled 498 km.
  205. Flag: CN Postcard DE-225663 from insel to Second traveled 9027 km.
  206. Flag: ES Postcard DE-225664 from insel to Hebilla0 traveled 986 km.
  207. Flag: GB Postcard DE-225665 from insel to lcdavis traveled 973 km.
  208. Flag: HU Postcard DE-225666 from insel to yoni traveled 842 km.
  209. Flag: EE Postcard DE-225698 from insel to HellenMg traveled 1499 km.
  210. Flag: CA Postcard DE-225699 from insel to Rosie_R traveled 8244 km.
  211. Flag: US Postcard DE-228919 from intyale to Dora2005 traveled 6222 km.
  212. Flag: DE Postcard DE-228920 from intyale to Credibility traveled 242 km.
  213. Flag: GB Postcard DE-228921 from intyale to toucans traveled 642 km.
  214. Flag: US Postcard DE-232329 from intyale to Chrys2 traveled 7494 km.
  215. Flag: JP Postcard DE-232330 from intyale to monet traveled 9465 km.
  216. Flag: NL Postcard DE-232331 from intyale to Carolien25 traveled 433 km.
  217. Flag: DE Postcard DE-232332 from intyale to sannah82 traveled 485 km.
  218. Flag: ES Postcard DE-232333 from intyale to mjose_montero traveled 1654 km.
  219. Flag: FI Postcard DE-239387 from intyale to Jaatiina traveled 1943 km.
  220. Flag: RU Postcard DE-239388 from intyale to Helenesss traveled 2202 km.
  221. Flag: DE Postcard DE-239389 from intyale to Sigs traveled 232 km.
  222. Flag: NL Postcard DE-239390 from intyale to chrisy1 traveled 484 km.
  223. Flag: FI Postcard DE-239422 from intyale to hd303 traveled 1839 km.
  224. Flag: CH Postcard DE-239423 from intyale to Ermelinda traveled 89 km.
  225. Flag: FI Postcard DE-239484 from insel to heliseva traveled 1890 km.
  226. Flag: US Postcard DE-239485 from insel to lguillotte traveled 5928 km.
  227. Flag: IT Postcard DE-242473 from intyale to skunk91 traveled 529 km.
  228. Flag: CN Postcard DE-242474 from intyale to dsiwei traveled 9027 km.
  229. Flag: DE Postcard DE-242475 from intyale to KaD traveled 497 km.
  230. Flag: NL Postcard DE-243005 from intyale to f2hjfbvs traveled 491 km.
  231. Postcard expired.
  232. Flag: FI Postcard DE-249217 from intyale to Evylena traveled 1747 km.
  233. Flag: NL Postcard DE-249218 from intyale to Jill-Daisy traveled 532 km.
  234. Flag: FR Postcard DE-249219 from intyale to BETS traveled 411 km.
  235. Flag: ZA Postcard DE-249284 from intyale to Sandeep traveled 8926 km.
  236. Flag: FI Postcard DE-249285 from intyale to Vippe76 traveled 1793 km.
  237. Flag: FI Postcard DE-249516 from insel to Muumu traveled 1667 km.
  238. Flag: JP Postcard DE-249517 from insel to Nori traveled 9594 km.
  239. Flag: GB Postcard DE-249518 from insel to rachelwitty traveled 937 km.
  240. Flag: UA Postcard DE-249725 from insel to snowdrop traveled 2031 km.
  241. Flag: NL Postcard DE-249726 from insel to Chantalleke traveled 513 km.
  242. Flag: IT Postcard DE-249727 from insel to gio76 traveled 1120 km.
  243. Flag: JP Postcard DE-249986 from intyale to Satomi traveled 9516 km.
  244. Flag: US Postcard DE-249990 from insel to JdTall traveled 5979 km.
  245. Flag: BO Postcard DE-249991 from insel to aka_lusi traveled 10117 km.
  246. Flag: ES Postcard DE-250000 from insel to dvdorca traveled 1520 km.
  247. Flag: CN Postcard DE-250010 from insel to GZSarah traveled 9200 km.
  248. Flag: DE Postcard DE-250474 from intyale to starfarer traveled 637 km.
  249. Flag: US Postcard DE-252996 from intyale to AngeeBux traveled 8327 km.
  250. Flag: ES Postcard DE-252997 from intyale to Hebilla0 traveled 986 km.
  251. Flag: FI Postcard DE-252998 from intyale to Gizella traveled 1885 km.
  252. Flag: DE Postcard DE-252999 from intyale to Malajube traveled 349 km.
  253. Flag: TW Postcard DE-253000 from intyale to phisseraph traveled 9566 km.
  254. Flag: AU Postcard DE-253001 from intyale to sez traveled 16230 km.
  255. Flag: FI Postcard DE-253283 from insel to Murmeli83 traveled 1864 km.
  256. Flag: US Postcard DE-253284 from insel to cowgirlfromhanna traveled 7056 km.
  257. Flag: IT Postcard DE-253285 from insel to rmartino traveled 323 km.
  258. Flag: PH Postcard DE-253540 from insel to krislan_at_mnl traveled 10442 km.
  259. Flag: GB Postcard DE-253541 from insel to ingriderika traveled 963 km.
  260. Flag: PT Postcard DE-253554 from insel to aida_ccaf traveled 1508 km.
  261. Flag: NL Postcard DE-253555 from insel to mickyd traveled 515 km.
  262. Flag: ES Postcard DE-254062 from insel to gaquero traveled 859 km.
  263. Flag: DE Postcard DE-256520 from intyale to pepper traveled 405 km.
  264. Flag: NL Postcard DE-256521 from intyale to bertiebo traveled 555 km.
  265. Flag: JP Postcard DE-256523 from intyale to time traveled 9350 km.
  266. Flag: BE Postcard DE-256524 from intyale to daisne traveled 401 km.
  267. Flag: GB Postcard DE-256525 from insel to traceymarie traveled 1002 km.
  268. Flag: HR Postcard DE-256561 from insel to rlicul traveled 575 km.
  269. Flag: JP Postcard DE-256562 from insel to tomu traveled 9582 km.
  270. Flag: BR Postcard DE-256563 from insel to DricaTeixeira traveled 9656 km.
  271. Flag: CZ Postcard DE-256868 from insel to blanche traveled 449 km.
  272. Flag: FI Postcard DE-259634 from insel to cartsu76 traveled 1748 km.
  273. Flag: PL Postcard DE-259636 from insel to DarekWalenczak traveled 846 km.
  274. Flag: IE Postcard DE-259637 from insel to Nikitka traveled 1157 km.
  275. Flag: FI Postcard DE-261141 from insel to Margit1 traveled 1892 km.
  276. Flag: FI Postcard DE-261142 from insel to ritvap traveled 1667 km.
  277. Flag: US Postcard DE-261143 from insel to tool2 traveled 9466 km.
  278. Postcard expired.
  279. Flag: LA Postcard DE-261166 from insel to sammyboy traveled 8696 km.
  280. Flag: JP Postcard DE-261167 from insel to su-mi traveled 9573 km.
  281. Flag: LT Postcard DE-261296 from insel to Misfortune traveled 1350 km.
  282. Flag: FI Postcard DE-261328 from intyale to KEKFAD traveled 1890 km.
  283. Flag: US Postcard DE-261329 from intyale to fugeecat traveled 6966 km.
  284. Flag: CN Postcard DE-261330 from intyale to viviennewxx traveled 8927 km.
  285. Flag: DE Postcard DE-261332 from intyale to lucie-hilde traveled 650 km.
  286. Flag: LT Postcard DE-261333 from intyale to Shrine traveled 1332 km.
  287. Flag: JP Postcard DE-261334 from intyale to kayo252 traveled 9398 km.
  288. Flag: US Postcard DE-263615 from insel to serendipityartist traveled 9482 km.
  289. Flag: SG Postcard DE-263616 from insel to rjlaing traveled 10346 km.
  290. Flag: NL Postcard DE-263617 from insel to Idril traveled 406 km.
  291. Flag: EE Postcard DE-263618 from insel to Ellis81 traveled 1645 km.
  292. Flag: PT Postcard DE-263619 from insel to fachocolat traveled 1493 km.
  293. Flag: FI Postcard DE-265223 from insel to suppana traveled 1781 km.
  294. Flag: CA Postcard DE-265224 from insel to curriel traveled 5312 km.
  295. Flag: GB Postcard DE-265810 from insel to kikistarzz traveled 660 km.
  296. Flag: US Postcard DE-265953 from intyale to riftvegan traveled 8739 km.
  297. Postcard expired.
  298. Flag: NL Postcard DE-265955 from intyale to Dejavu_ traveled 476 km.
  299. Flag: PT Postcard DE-268398 from intyale to valdagua traveled 1738 km.
  300. Flag: DE Postcard DE-268406 from intyale to Yvonnche traveled 254 km.
  301. Flag: IE Postcard DE-268414 from intyale to kristincedar traveled 1157 km.
  302. Flag: NZ Postcard DE-268419 from insel to mikeylion traveled 18654 km.
  303. Flag: SE Postcard DE-268423 from insel to svenjah traveled 1919 km.
  304. Flag: AT Postcard DE-268425 from insel to polarwolf traveled 480 km.
  305. Flag: FI Postcard DE-271592 from insel to Nallepuh traveled 1834 km.
  306. Flag: FI Postcard DE-271593 from insel to Marie85 traveled 1811 km.
  307. Flag: NL Postcard DE-271625 from insel to kikakaya traveled 541 km.
  308. Flag: CA Postcard DE-271639 from insel to cerra traveled 5312 km.
  309. Postcard expired.
  310. Flag: AT Postcard DE-271655 from insel to Baikalsee traveled 497 km.
  311. Flag: US Postcard DE-271659 from insel to raeriva traveled 8570 km.
  312. Flag: BY Postcard DE-271691 from intyale to Me_is_me traveled 1674 km.
  313. Flag: DE Postcard DE-271699 from intyale to minitraum traveled 283 km.
  314. Flag: PL Postcard DE-271700 from intyale to joanna traveled 748 km.
  315. Flag: IL Postcard DE-271701 from intyale to Gromoboy traveled 2833 km.
  316. Flag: CN Postcard DE-271704 from intyale to Wedjat traveled 8543 km.
  317. Flag: NZ Postcard DE-271708 from intyale to SonOfBilly traveled 18379 km.
  318. Flag: AU Postcard DE-271710 from intyale to fortuna_goddess traveled 16413 km.
  319. Flag: BE Postcard DE-271888 from insel to kwispedoris traveled 397 km.
  320. Flag: FI Postcard DE-275887 from insel to Raxu traveled 1793 km.
  321. Flag: BE Postcard DE-275888 from insel to stampxchange traveled 418 km.
  322. Flag: FI Postcard DE-279570 from insel to Lady traveled 1742 km.
  323. Flag: US Postcard DE-279572 from insel to vyl87 traveled 9470 km.
  324. Flag: FI Postcard DE-279573 from insel to siik traveled 1719 km.
  325. Flag: NL Postcard DE-279574 from insel to Loqi traveled 419 km.
  326. Flag: FI Postcard DE-279575 from insel to tanneli traveled 2033 km.
  327. Flag: US Postcard DE-288662 from insel to malbister traveled 9516 km.
  328. Flag: FI Postcard DE-288680 from insel to Ninna traveled 1657 km.
  329. Flag: US Postcard DE-288687 from insel to zzy5000 traveled 7703 km.
  330. Flag: NL Postcard DE-288688 from insel to Ans traveled 486 km.
  331. Flag: FI Postcard DE-292961 from insel to oikkupoikku traveled 1851 km.
  332. Flag: US Postcard DE-301076 from insel to megsvo traveled 7234 km.
  333. Flag: FI Postcard DE-301077 from insel to Meiko traveled 1872 km.
  334. Flag: JP Postcard DE-301078 from insel to yukari traveled 9350 km.
  335. Flag: FI Postcard DE-305132 from insel to Isabella traveled 1760 km.
  336. Flag: US Postcard DE-305133 from insel to heartsong76 traveled 6313 km.
  337. Flag: NL Postcard DE-305146 from insel to Ellis traveled 509 km.
  338. Flag: CN Postcard DE-305147 from insel to zhuangyt traveled 7994 km.
  339. Flag: TW Postcard DE-305148 from insel to jessohlson traveled 9549 km.
  340. Flag: JP Postcard DE-305161 from insel to Terumi traveled 9596 km.
  341. Flag: RU Postcard DE-305162 from insel to Meloni traveled 2202 km.
  342. Flag: AT Postcard DE-305166 from insel to gruberbe traveled 522 km.
  343. Flag: EE Postcard DE-305167 from insel to Vidim traveled 1684 km.
  344. Flag: TH Postcard DE-305200 from insel to spy traveled 9043 km.
  345. Postcard expired.
  346. Flag: US Postcard DE-305630 from intyale to ADKpersephone traveled 5965 km.
  347. Flag: PT Postcard DE-305632 from intyale to isabel212 traveled 1719 km.
  348. Flag: DE Postcard DE-305638 from intyale to AEVFan traveled 229 km.
  349. Flag: CN Postcard DE-305646 from intyale to nikkosoleil traveled 9027 km.
  350. Flag: TW Postcard DE-305652 from intyale to memphis0623 traveled 9700 km.
  351. Flag: RU Postcard DE-305661 from intyale to Armastroy traveled 1967 km.
  352. Flag: CA Postcard DE-305666 from intyale to onaiis traveled 5923 km.
  353. Flag: NL Postcard DE-305670 from intyale to missy1972 traveled 489 km.
  354. Flag: HK Postcard DE-305674 from intyale to wennycheung traveled 9335 km.
  355. Flag: FI Postcard DE-309322 from insel to Sireeni traveled 1979 km.
  356. Flag: US Postcard DE-309323 from insel to rem_baby traveled 6954 km.
  357. Postcard expired.
  358. Flag: CZ Postcard DE-309326 from insel to kalaa traveled 606 km.
  359. Flag: NL Postcard DE-309327 from insel to Willemijn traveled 491 km.
  360. Flag: CA Postcard DE-309328 from insel to wackystuff traveled 8334 km.
  361. Flag: RO Postcard DE-309329 from insel to LIDO traveled 1447 km.
  362. Flag: ZA Postcard DE-309331 from insel to SandyB traveled 8926 km.
  363. Flag: CN Postcard DE-314123 from insel to FreedomD traveled 7994 km.
  364. Flag: FR Postcard DE-314124 from insel to kateryna traveled 424 km.
  365. Flag: NL Postcard DE-314125 from insel to marifran traveled 484 km.
  366. Flag: TH Postcard DE-314126 from insel to clickma traveled 9078 km.
  367. Flag: TR Postcard DE-314127 from insel to neandertal traveled 1630 km.
  368. Flag: FI Postcard DE-315248 from insel to Nyyti traveled 1839 km.
  369. Flag: MY Postcard DE-315250 from insel to StupidGuy traveled 10032 km.
  370. Flag: US Postcard DE-318722 from insel to cobettyboop traveled 8500 km.
  371. Flag: FI Postcard DE-318723 from insel to Levisia traveled 1969 km.
  372. Flag: CA Postcard DE-318725 from insel to marnix traveled 8244 km.
  373. Flag: LU Postcard DE-318726 from insel to Luxi traveled 264 km.
  374. Flag: LT Postcard DE-318734 from insel to dgritenaite traveled 1419 km.
  375. Flag: TW Postcard DE-318895 from insel to yishan traveled 9594 km.
  376. Flag: PT Postcard DE-318896 from insel to mafias traveled 1713 km.
  377. Postcard expired.
  378. Flag: BR Postcard DE-322089 from insel to abcdeco traveled 9603 km.
  379. Flag: GB Postcard DE-322091 from insel to ALB4 traveled 660 km.
  380. Flag: ES Postcard DE-322092 from insel to nema traveled 1498 km.
  381. Flag: NL Postcard DE-322093 from insel to hefabo traveled 602 km.
  382. Flag: US Postcard DE-330910 from insel to florence_craye traveled 7437 km.
  383. Flag: CN Postcard DE-338772 from insel to gracezhou traveled 8796 km.
  384. Flag: BE Postcard DE-338775 from insel to Sandrina traveled 392 km.
  385. Flag: GB Postcard DE-338780 from insel to tonygronfelin traveled 908 km.
  386. Flag: LT Postcard DE-338793 from insel to Lylonen traveled 1251 km.
  387. Flag: NL Postcard DE-338799 from insel to Mayakers traveled 531 km.
  388. Flag: CZ Postcard DE-338801 from insel to Danaak traveled 518 km.
  389. Postcard expired.
  390. Flag: GR Postcard DE-343627 from insel to eirini traveled 1685 km.
  391. Flag: CZ Postcard DE-343645 from insel to Moselka traveled 488 km.
  392. Flag: SI Postcard DE-343649 from insel to nikar traveled 582 km.
  393. Flag: CH Postcard DE-343668 from insel to phoenix07 traveled 76 km.
  394. Flag: TH Postcard DE-343685 from insel to hilltribelass traveled 8529 km.
  395. Flag: MY Postcard DE-343695 from insel to Afaf traveled 9829 km.
  396. Flag: US Postcard DE-343703 from intyale to ARod26 traveled 8341 km.
  397. Flag: FI Postcard DE-343706 from intyale to siik traveled 1719 km.
  398. Flag: DE Postcard DE-343709 from intyale to Pumukel traveled 344 km.
  399. Flag: TR Postcard DE-343726 from intyale to galatali traveled 1840 km.
  400. Flag: SG Postcard DE-343734 from intyale to purplecat traveled 10346 km.
  401. Flag: NL Postcard DE-343738 from intyale to wyccie traveled 451 km.
  402. Flag: NL Postcard DE-345811 from insel to Ineke56 traveled 566 km.
  403. Flag: RU Postcard DE-345814 from insel to antares traveled 1967 km.
  404. Flag: NZ Postcard DE-345816 from intyale to ibcreative traveled 18714 km.
  405. Flag: IT Postcard DE-345821 from intyale to frapi1 traveled 1105 km.
  406. Flag: CA Postcard DE-345831 from intyale to frrisk traveled 7714 km.
  407. Flag: GB Postcard DE-345841 from intyale to nata1984 traveled 762 km.
  408. Flag: FR Postcard DE-346128 from insel to winterland traveled 334 km.
  409. Flag: CN Postcard DE-347976 from insel to viewflying traveled 8970 km.
  410. Flag: TW Postcard DE-348005 from insel to JUDY0712 traveled 9549 km.
  411. Flag: AT Postcard DE-348008 from insel to marille traveled 576 km.
  412. Flag: DZ Postcard DE-348011 from insel to Algeria-postcards traveled 1530 km.
  413. Flag: ZA Postcard DE-348018 from insel to Mommylinda traveled 8182 km.
  414. Flag: US Postcard DE-348019 from intyale to SWRedHatter traveled 9181 km.
  415. Flag: FI Postcard DE-348024 from intyale to Jokukutri traveled 2168 km.
  416. Flag: DE Postcard DE-348026 from intyale to Apperveilchen traveled 185 km.
  417. Flag: CN Postcard DE-348030 from intyale to sissichy traveled 7969 km.
  418. Flag: AU Postcard DE-348034 from intyale to benvicky traveled 16372 km.
  419. Flag: SG Postcard DE-351862 from insel to Benchen traveled 10346 km.
  420. Flag: NL Postcard DE-351864 from insel to Riejanne traveled 582 km.
  421. Flag: ES Postcard DE-351868 from insel to tinin68 traveled 1247 km.
  422. Flag: GB Postcard DE-351873 from insel to Monosy traveled 742 km.
  423. Flag: AT Postcard DE-351874 from intyale to annemitzi traveled 480 km.
  424. Flag: FI Postcard DE-351875 from intyale to Pikkis traveled 2064 km.
  425. Flag: NO Postcard DE-351879 from intyale to Olga777 traveled 1171 km.
  426. Flag: FI Postcard DE-358957 from insel to leppismummi traveled 1742 km.
  427. Flag: CH Postcard DE-358971 from insel to stefanbaur traveled 72 km.
  428. Flag: GB Postcard DE-358985 from insel to MandV traveled 616 km.
  429. Flag: BY Postcard DE-359009 from insel to Alexashka traveled 1525 km.
  430. Flag: CN Postcard DE-359022 from insel to dream1125 traveled 9027 km.
  431. Flag: NL Postcard DE-359028 from insel to Suuus87 traveled 522 km.
  432. Flag: CZ Postcard DE-359034 from insel to phoebee traveled 533 km.
  433. Flag: HK Postcard DE-359037 from insel to angela6ue traveled 9335 km.
  434. Flag: TW Postcard DE-359041 from insel to Gracehsu traveled 9594 km.
  435. Flag: PL Postcard DE-359046 from insel to gretka traveled 973 km.
  436. Flag: DE Postcard DE-359059 from intyale to bjoernundjessica traveled 637 km.
  437. Flag: US Postcard DE-359075 from intyale to AnnaRun traveled 6608 km.
  438. Flag: FI Postcard DE-359079 from intyale to margaretha traveled 1747 km.
  439. Flag: RU Postcard DE-359083 from intyale to pers0na traveled 2689 km.
  440. Flag: HK Postcard DE-359085 from intyale to po_21 traveled 9335 km.
  441. Flag: PL Postcard DE-359092 from intyale to kalioppe traveled 1095 km.
  442. Flag: FI Postcard DE-368161 from insel to Hyasinth traveled 1892 km.
  443. Flag: BY Postcard DE-368165 from insel to klennik traveled 1525 km.
  444. Flag: BG Postcard DE-368172 from insel to Kostadinov traveled 1649 km.
  445. Flag: FI Postcard DE-384648 from insel to Pikku-Myy traveled 1955 km.
  446. Flag: US Postcard DE-384649 from insel to richterkj13 traveled km.
  447. Flag: RU Postcard DE-384650 from insel to bestbest traveled 1967 km.
  448. Flag: JP Postcard DE-384651 from insel to moe_424 traveled 9353 km.
  449. Flag: BR Postcard DE-384652 from insel to Gastal traveled 10454 km.
  450. Flag: RO Postcard DE-388567 from insel to Steps_linking traveled 1458 km.
  451. Flag: NL Postcard DE-388568 from insel to ukkepuk traveled 451 km.
  452. Flag: ES Postcard DE-388569 from insel to charlotte24 traveled 867 km.
  453. Flag: CN Postcard DE-388570 from insel to hundred traveled 8373 km.
  454. Flag: TW Postcard DE-388571 from insel to ayrilik traveled 9566 km.
  455. Flag: BY Postcard DE-388572 from insel to korfvasily traveled 1525 km.
  456. Flag: GB Postcard DE-388573 from insel to AngelaK traveled 880 km.
  457. Flag: TR Postcard DE-388574 from insel to lotdac traveled 1715 km.
  458. Postcard expired.
  459. Flag: CN Postcard DE-410719 from insel to Fantine traveled 8225 km.
  460. Flag: FI Postcard DE-410720 from insel to hilima traveled 1995 km.
  461. Flag: TH Postcard DE-410722 from insel to ChiliPepper traveled 9078 km.
  462. Flag: IT Postcard DE-410723 from insel to Meddy traveled 417 km.
  463. Flag: NL Postcard DE-424092 from insel to Mama77 traveled 495 km.
  464. Flag: ES Postcard DE-424093 from insel to yaiza14 traveled 1007 km.
  465. Flag: FI Postcard DE-424094 from insel to vipsaus traveled 1872 km.
  466. Flag: IT Postcard DE-424095 from insel to enzofil22 traveled 943 km.
  467. Flag: CN Postcard DE-424096 from insel to love-mily traveled 9308 km.
  468. Flag: RU Postcard DE-424109 from insel to maymak traveled 1967 km.
  469. Flag: RU Postcard DE-470554 from insel to VeronikaS traveled 2202 km.
  470. Flag: US Postcard DE-470565 from insel to snshn98 traveled 8612 km.
  471. Flag: CN Postcard DE-475780 from insel to ArrivalGaO traveled 7994 km.
  472. Flag: FI Postcard DE-475781 from insel to Bubobubo traveled 1747 km.
  473. Flag: TH Postcard DE-475783 from insel to nuttanun05 traveled 9078 km.
  474. Flag: NL Postcard DE-475784 from insel to Nipi traveled 522 km.
  475. Flag: ZA Postcard DE-475785 from insel to Batu traveled 8926 km.
  476. Flag: ID Postcard DE-475786 from insel to nellalaz traveled 11179 km.
  477. Flag: CH Postcard DE-475787 from insel to Jamie1972 traveled 108 km.
  478. Flag: PL Postcard DE-475792 from insel to buka traveled 829 km.
  479. Flag: HU Postcard DE-475794 from insel to flamingogirl traveled 952 km.
  480. Flag: BR Postcard DE-475795 from insel to rickfm traveled 9357 km.
  481. Flag: NO Postcard DE-475796 from insel to Marit9 traveled 1389 km.
  482. Flag: US Postcard DE-497224 from insel to dalrbl traveled 7283 km.
  483. Flag: FI Postcard DE-497226 from insel to paulav traveled 1955 km.
  484. Flag: NL Postcard DE-497619 from insel to ijsco traveled 466 km.
  485. Flag: LT Postcard DE-497627 from insel to Ledi_Di traveled 1419 km.
  486. Flag: FR Postcard DE-497633 from insel to dorsz traveled 419 km.
  487. Flag: CH Postcard DE-497636 from insel to Simi_81 traveled 128 km.
  488. Flag: AU Postcard DE-497637 from insel to rogerw3 traveled 16479 km.
  489. Flag: CN Postcard DE-497642 from insel to lulynn traveled 8757 km.
  490. Flag: AT Postcard DE-497643 from insel to danaan traveled 629 km.
  491. Flag: EE Postcard DE-497645 from insel to katrin80 traveled 1597 km.
  492. Flag: PL Postcard DE-497647 from insel to Gosiunia traveled 875 km.
  493. Flag: TW Postcard DE-497648 from insel to yorgosrolios traveled 9663 km.
  494. Flag: RU Postcard DE-497649 from insel to Julia_C traveled 2202 km.
  495. Flag: TH Postcard DE-497652 from insel to teraporn_s traveled 9078 km.
  496. Flag: CN Postcard DE-522913 from insel to xiaoxiaobir23 traveled 8822 km.
  497. Flag: TW Postcard DE-522922 from insel to Puffbear traveled 9566 km.
  498. Flag: MY Postcard DE-522926 from insel to lorenaramli traveled 10029 km.
  499. Flag: BY Postcard DE-522936 from insel to mavis traveled 1712 km.
  500. Flag: US Postcard DE-522942 from insel to Reishka traveled 6141 km.
  501. Postcard expired.
  502. Flag: RU Postcard DE-522954 from insel to EugeniaMateus traveled 2202 km.
  503. Flag: NL Postcard DE-527869 from insel to kamakra traveled 541 km.
  504. Flag: EE Postcard DE-527880 from insel to Signeke traveled 1596 km.
  505. Flag: JP Postcard DE-527897 from insel to nyokirin traveled 9502 km.
  506. Flag: PL Postcard DE-527901 from insel to charon88 traveled 1217 km.
  507. Flag: PH Postcard DE-527909 from insel to ADJ traveled 10442 km.
  508. Flag: BR Postcard DE-527922 from insel to Rubens-Burgel traveled 9926 km.
  509. Flag: FR Postcard DE-527930 from insel to ZYP traveled 418 km.
  510. Flag: PL Postcard DE-548754 from insel to justusss traveled 1157 km.
  511. Flag: NL Postcard DE-548756 from insel to Laui traveled 497 km.
  512. Flag: TW Postcard DE-548757 from insel to chou803905 traveled 9709 km.
  513. Flag: US Postcard DE-548758 from insel to hesslr traveled 6982 km.
  514. Flag: CN Postcard DE-548760 from insel to topwolf traveled 8512 km.
  515. Flag: DK Postcard DE-548762 from insel to grillsovs traveled 866 km.
  516. Flag: US Postcard DE-554062 from insel to GrandmotherGenevieve traveled 6431 km.
  517. Flag: NL Postcard DE-554069 from insel to Mem traveled 461 km.
  518. Flag: AU Postcard DE-554081 from insel to jo_inaus traveled 16582 km.
  519. Flag: BR Postcard DE-554283 from insel to cassie25 traveled 7707 km.
  520. Flag: TR Postcard DE-554286 from insel to Jasse traveled 1840 km.
  521. Flag: CA Postcard DE-554287 from insel to Boochie traveled 7165 km.
  522. Flag: BY Postcard DE-554289 from insel to victorzenin traveled 1525 km.
  523. Flag: PL Postcard DE-554293 from insel to martyn_ek traveled 1033 km.
  524. Flag: PT Postcard DE-554298 from insel to sofia_camoesas traveled 1693 km.
  525. Flag: GB Postcard DE-554299 from insel to ichabodhides traveled 876 km.
  526. Flag: TW Postcard DE-557357 from insel to AvaHuang traveled 9566 km.
  527. Flag: FI Postcard DE-569485 from insel to NomnNomn traveled 1995 km.
  528. Flag: CH Postcard DE-569486 from insel to Giorgis traveled 104 km.
  529. Flag: NL Postcard DE-569487 from insel to Sunflo74 traveled 550 km.
  530. Flag: RU Postcard DE-569488 from insel to ilia99 traveled 2202 km.
  531. Flag: US Postcard DE-569489 from insel to lemmons traveled 6045 km.
  532. Flag: GB Postcard DE-569868 from insel to merlynreid traveled 940 km.
  533. Flag: UA Postcard DE-569869 from insel to Poluekt traveled 1734 km.
  534. Flag: CN Postcard DE-569870 from insel to JCLJJ traveled 9027 km.
  535. Flag: TW Postcard DE-569871 from insel to sunwis traveled 9594 km.
  536. Flag: BY Postcard DE-569872 from insel to absent-minded traveled 1525 km.
  537. Flag: MY Postcard DE-570155 from insel to cheenthaeve traveled 10846 km.
  538. Flag: FR Postcard DE-570159 from insel to philippe-loire traveled 388 km.
  539. Flag: BR Postcard DE-570160 from insel to tlucaski traveled 9947 km.
  540. Flag: CA Postcard DE-570162 from insel to kitkat49 traveled 8244 km.
  541. Flag: SG Postcard DE-570163 from insel to Stanic traveled 10346 km.
  542. Flag: FI Postcard DE-570366 from intyale to sarij traveled 1768 km.
  543. Flag: CN Postcard DE-570367 from intyale to wyawh traveled 9027 km.
  544. Flag: US Postcard DE-570368 from intyale to huberh traveled 8120 km.
  545. Postcard expired.
  546. Flag: DE Postcard DE-570370 from intyale to rena--1989 traveled 428 km.
  547. Flag: RU Postcard DE-651467 from insel to Uneven traveled 1152 km.
  548. Flag: FI Postcard DE-651468 from insel to tove traveled 1739 km.
  549. Flag: US Postcard DE-651469 from insel to kbardsley traveled 7687 km.
  550. Flag: PL Postcard DE-651470 from insel to krzysiekxxxx traveled 740 km.
  551. Flag: CN Postcard DE-651471 from insel to yu-wing traveled 9199 km.
  552. Flag: BE Postcard DE-651475 from insel to Sharonjoyce traveled 458 km.
  553. Flag: NL Postcard DE-651476 from insel to sabien traveled 497 km.
  554. Flag: AU Postcard DE-651477 from insel to mdam22 traveled 16527 km.
  555. Flag: TR Postcard DE-651478 from insel to derensertu traveled 1840 km.
  556. Flag: TW Postcard DE-651479 from insel to anru0606 traveled 9561 km.
  557. Flag: LT Postcard DE-651496 from insel to Agnesius traveled 1262 km.
  558. Flag: HU Postcard DE-651497 from insel to Marci2000 traveled 849 km.
  559. Flag: MY Postcard DE-651498 from insel to sitishahanim traveled 10029 km.
  560. Flag: CA Postcard DE-651499 from insel to phuleshouse traveled 7155 km.
  561. Flag: IT Postcard DE-651500 from insel to BluEyeDavide traveled 436 km.
  562. Postcard is traveling...
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Minimal distance: 72 km. Maximal distance: 18714 km
Average speed of sent cards: 401.2 km/day

Expired: 21